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Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle
9458 songs
Adi ShaktiBelinda Carlisle2.6K
Leave a Light On (7 Version)Belinda Carlisle15K
La Vie En RoseBelinda Carlisle4.9K
Circle in the Sand (7 version)Belinda Carlisle14.5K
Ne Me Quitte PasBelinda Carlisle4.7K
Mad About You (LP Version)Belinda Carlisle3K
Always Breaking My Heart (Single Edit)Belinda Carlisle6K
Have You Ever Seen the RainBelinda Carlisle3.3K
Both Sides NowBelinda Carlisle3K
Avec Le TempsBelinda Carlisle3.8K
Long Time SunBelinda Carlisle2.5K
Sous Le Ciel De ParisBelinda Carlisle3.3K
Rakhe Rakhan HarBelinda Carlisle2K
Light of My SoulBelinda Carlisle2.2K
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenBelinda Carlisle2.4K
ContactBelinda Carlisle3K
Des Ronds Dans LeauBelinda Carlisle2.8K
World Without You (7 Remix)Belinda Carlisle8.7K
Should I Let You InBelinda Carlisle3.5K
Pourtant Tu MaimesBelinda Carlisle2.9K
I Plead Insanity (Single Mix)Belinda Carlisle6.8K
Love Never Dies...Belinda Carlisle2.9K
Heaven Is A Place On Earth - `80s Weight Loss Workout MixBelinda Carlisle1.8K
JezebelBelinda Carlisle2.5K
Do You Feel Like I Feel (Single Edit)Belinda Carlisle3.2K
I Wont Say (Im In Love) From HerculesBelinda Carlisle1.4K
Big Big LoveBelinda Carlisle2.1K
Circle In The Sand - 2009 Digital RemasterBelinda Carlisle2.4K
Circle In The Sand - 7Belinda Carlisle1.9K
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Sound Invaders Remix)Belinda Carlisle2.9K
Aad Guray NamehBelinda Carlisle1.4K
Get TogetherBelinda Carlisle2.1K
Goodbye Just GoBelinda Carlisle2.7K
Hercules I Wont Say (Im in Love)Belinda Carlisle2.5K
Merci cherieBelinda Carlisle2.2K
Vision Of You (91 Remix)Belinda Carlisle2K
Superstar (Bonus Track)Belinda Carlisle1.5K
Heaven Is a Place on Earth (live)Belinda Carlisle1.8K
Leave a Light On - 7 VersionBelinda Carlisle26.5K
I Touch MyselfBelinda Carlisle2.5K
I Get Weak (7 version)Belinda Carlisle5.9K
Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Acappella)Belinda Carlisle5.2K
World Without You - Extended Worldwide MixBelinda Carlisle5K
La Luna (7 Version)Belinda Carlisle9.8K
Circle In The Sand (7 Version)Belinda Carlisle1.7K
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On EarthBelinda Carlisle2.1K
Leave A Light On (Extended Version)Belinda Carlisle1.5K
Jealous GuyBelinda Carlisle2.1K
I Get Weak - 7 VersionBelinda Carlisle29.5K
Heaven Is a Place on Earth (2017)Belinda Carlisle1.5K
I Wont Say (Im in Love)Belinda Carlisle2K
(We Want) The Same Thing (Extended Summer Remix)Belinda Carlisle1.4K
Leave A Light On (7 Version)Belinda Carlisle1.1K
The Ballad of Lucy JordanBelinda Carlisle2.1K
World Without You (Panavision Mix)Belinda Carlisle1.2K
If You Could Read My MindBelinda Carlisle1.3K
I Feel Free - LiveBelinda Carlisle30.8K
The Same ThingBelinda Carlisle2.8K
Leave a Light on (Live at Indigo at the O2, London, 13102017)Belinda Carlisle1.1K
A Prayer for Everyone (edit)Belinda Carlisle1.1K
La luna (Extended Dance Mix)Belinda Carlisle1.6K
Heaven is a Place on Earth (Hidden Cat Remix)Belinda Carlisle1.9K
Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Acoustic)Belinda Carlisle1.1K
Lay Down Your Arms (Single Edit)Belinda Carlisle5.3K
Heaven Is a Place On Earth (Live at Indigo at the O2, London, 13102017)Belinda Carlisle815
Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Single Edit)Belinda Carlisle9.8K
Its Too Real (Big Scary Animal)Belinda Carlisle1.9K
Circle in the Sand (Seaside Mood Groove mix)Belinda Carlisle1.1K
Moonlight shadowBelinda Carlisle2.6K
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Down To Earth Dub)Belinda Carlisle806
Circle in the Sand (Sandblast Multi-mix)Belinda Carlisle1.8K
Circle in the Sand (Live at Indigo at the O2, London, 13102017)Belinda Carlisle872
I Feel Free (Extended Version)Belinda Carlisle813
Leave a Light On (Kamikazee mix)Belinda Carlisle1.1K
Valentine (Remix Edit)Belinda Carlisle1.2K
Humee Hum Brahm HumBelinda Carlisle1K
Leave A Light On - 7 VersionBelinda Carlisle998
Vision Of You (7 Edit)Belinda Carlisle731
All Gods Children (Edit)Belinda Carlisle5K
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (2009 Digital Remaster)Belinda Carlisle991
I Get Weak (12 version)Belinda Carlisle1.4K
Summer Rain (Justin Strauss Remix)Belinda Carlisle4.8K
Mad About You - 2003 Digital RemasterBelinda Carlisle859
Circle in the Sand - 7” MixBelinda Carlisle1.2K
Mad About You (Remastered 2002)Belinda Carlisle885
Dancing In The CityBelinda Carlisle1.3K
Why (Bonus Track)Belinda Carlisle709
I Need You to Turn ToBelinda Carlisle851
Summer Rain - 7 EditBelinda Carlisle1.1K
Heaven Is a Place on Earth - LiveBelinda Carlisle651
I Get Weak (12 Mix)Belinda Carlisle796
I Still Love HimBelinda Carlisle1.3K
I Feel Free (7 Mix)Belinda Carlisle575
(We Want) The Same Thing (All The Right Moves Mix)Belinda Carlisle720
In My Wildest DreamsBelinda Carlisle1.5K
Love Never Dies (7 Mix)Belinda Carlisle626
Silver BellsBelinda Carlisle10.7K
Leave the Light on for meBelinda Carlisle1.8K
Always Breaking My Heart - Single EditBelinda Carlisle822
I Get Weak (Romantic Mix)Belinda Carlisle713