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1284 songs
Everytime Chen 418.4K
For You Chen 366.5K
Beautiful goodbye Chen 544K
Hello Chen 533.2K
Shall we? Chen 486.7K
My dear Chen 232.5K
Flower Chen 187.6K
Love words Chen 189.9K
Best Luck Chen 104.5K
Sorry not sorry Chen 141.2K
Good night Chen 166.3K
Cherry Blossom Love Song Chen 116.3K
Portrait of you Chen 146.8K
Hold you tight Chen 147.5K
Your moonlight Chen 181.4K
Ill be there Chen 137.2K
Make it count Chen 83.2K
Amaranth Chen 130K
You never know Chen 120.8K
ToYouProject - Sugarman Pt. 32 - If We Love Again Chen 56.2K
Bye Babe Chen 28.7K
썸타 Lil Something Chen 29.7K
Beautiful (Heart 4 U Original Soundtrack) Chen 60.1K
Rainfall Chen 45.1K
Im Not Okay (From “MISSING 9”) Chen 16.6K
안녕 못해 Im Not Okay (From “MISSING 9”) Chen 20.1K
Years - Korean Version Chen 13.8K
사랑했지만 Chen 12.2K
An Unfamiliar Day Chen 50K
Im Not Okay Chen 12.5K
Years - Chinese Version Chen 7K
For You (Inst.) Chen 3.7K
다시 사랑한다면 Chen 5.2K
Everytime Instrumental Chen 2.8K
Cherry Blossom Love Song - Instrumental Chen 2.8K
Your moonlight (Inst.) Chen 2.9K
썸타 Lil Something - Instrumental Chen 1.6K
For You - Instrumental Chen 2.7K
Rainfall Instrumental Chen 2.1K
안녕 못해 Im Not Okay Chen 3.4K
Everytime - Instrumental Chen 1.8K
안녕 Hello Chen 2.7K
An Unfamiliar Day - Instrumental Chen 4.6K
우리 어떻게 할까요 Shall we? Chen 3.3K
안녕 못해 Im Not Okay (From “MISSING 9”) Instrumental Chen 941
Everytime (Instrumental) Chen 881
Bye Babe - Instrumental Chen 628
사월이 지나면 우리 헤어져요 Beautiful goodbye Chen 3.1K
그대에게 My dear Chen 3K
최고의 행운 Chen 2.8K
Im Not Okay (From “MISSING 9”) Instrumental Chen 545
고운 그대는 시들지 않으리 Amaranth Chen 2K
널 안지 않을 수 있어야지 Hold you tight Chen 1.8K
그댄 모르죠 You never know Chen 3K
잘 자요 Good night Chen 2.2K
Let it rain Chen 265
꽃 Flower Chen 2.2K
사랑의 말 Love words Chen 2.3K
Make It Count Chen 2.1K
널 그리다 Portrait of you Chen 2K
먼저 가 있을게 Ill be there Chen 2.1K
하고 싶던 말 Sorry not sorry Chen 2K
Sanay Alam Mo Chen 382
Rainfall - Instrumental Chen 389
사월이 지나면 우리 헤어져요 (Beautiful goodbye) Chen 1K
Make it count - Instrumental Chen 285
꽃 (Flower) Chen 879
널 그리다 (Portrait of you) Chen 767
사랑의 말 (Love Words) Chen 6.3K
하고 싶던 말 (Sorry not sorry) Chen 620
Полина - Prod. minsoo Chen 99
우리 어떻게 할까요 Chen 915
잘 자요 Chen 459
Beautiful (From Heart 4 U Original Soundtrack) Chen 573
고운 그대는 시들지 않으리(Amaranth) 첸(CHEN) Chen 525
Cherry Blossom Love Song - CHEN 100 Days My Prince OST Chen 425
그대에게 Chen 567
고운 그대는 시들지 않으리 Chen 394
우리 어떻게 할까요 (Shall We?) Chen 290
널 안지 않을 수 있어야지 Chen 359
安好 (Hello) Chen 117
그댄 모르죠 Chen 384
아름다워 Beautiful (심포유 Heart 4 U Original Soundtrack) Chen 278
널 안지 않을 수 있어야지 (Hold you tight) 첸 (CHEN) Chen 189
Please love her Chen 343
먼저 가 있을게 (Ill Be There) Chen 232
널 안지 않을 수 있어야지 (Hold you tight) Chen 114
잘 자요 (Good Night) Chen 845
먼저 가 있을게 (I’ll be there) Chen 282
그대에게 (My dear) Chen 672
최고의 행운 (Best Luck) Chen 511
The Best Luck (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST) Chen 195
그댄 모르죠 (You never know) Chen 107
Years (Korean Version) Chen 106
고운 그대는 시들지 않으리 (Amaranth) Chen 124
The Best Luck Chen 848
벚꽃연가 Chen 239
drunken truth Chen 244
안녕 (Hello) Chen 177
watch out Chen 210
Up Rising Chen 162
Lil Something Chen 125
Everytime (feat. Punch) Chen 112
Best Luck (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST) Chen 201
Chef Chen 67
너의 달빛 Chen 222
Cover by CHEN - 숨 (박효신) Chen 55
안녕 못해 (I`m Not Okay) Chen 101
꽃(Flower) 첸(CHEN)|& Bonus Clip Chen 64
The Ark Chen 32
Next Step Without Legs Chen 29
60hz no RADIANTE Chen 20
썸타 (Lil Something) Chen 97
Chunga-Changa pizdopidar MIX Chen 42
all of my life Chen 252
Cover by CHEN - Every Day, Every Moment (Paul Kim) Chen 178
To Heaven Chen 214
Best Of Luck Chen 165
Paulit-ulit Chen 99
최고의 행운 (Best Luck) Chen 69
不应该 Chen 56
Make It Count (From Touch Your Heart) Chen 210
Morning call Chen 57
Its Fortunate Chen 336
Years (Korean Ver.) Chen 147
벚꽃연가 (Cherry Blossom Love Song) Chen 135
On My Way Chen 83
Cherry Blossom Love Song (벚꽃연가) CHEN (첸) 100 Days My Prince (백일의 낭군님) OST Chen 60
최고의 행운 (inst.) Chen 53
姑娘 Chen 21
18 - Prod. blxntentity Chen 20
Bogoshipda Chen 24
Nothing Better Chen 195
Teleforce Chen 28
Synesthesia Chen 26
Stained Chen 134
Cherry Blossom Love Song (Instrumental) Chen 84
Shall we Chen 71
Years Chen 63
Cover by CHEN - 밤편지 (아이유) Chen 36
Espressione Chen 25
낯선 하루 (An Unfamiliar Day) 첸 (CHEN) │ 닥터로이어 OST Chen 17
고백 Chen 353
안녕 못해 (Im Not Okay) Chen 181
Through the Night Chen 101
Best Luck (Inst.) Chen 75
I’ll be there Chen 59
Marwolaeth Chen 22
너를 위해 Chen 129
Stained (물들어) Chen 46
Beautiful Chen 55
Cover by CHEN - all of my life (박원 PARK WON) Chen 52
아름다워 (Beautiful) Chen 31
breath Chen 91
먼저 가 있을게 (I`ll be there) Chen 94
Nothing Better (EXOs SHOWTIME EP7) Chen 53
Up Rising (Live) Chen 22
Its Fortunate (130829 MBC Noons Hope Song) Chen 24
I Miss You (Kim Bum Soo Cover) (130808 Booms YoungStreet Radio) Chen 13
Robot Jenya (Swanky Tunes remix) Chen 18
Through The Honking And The Horns Chen 10
최고의 행운 Best Luck Chen 193
Beautiful Accident Chen 170
썸타 (Lil` Something) Chen 127
숨 (박효신) Chen 71
Your Moonlight (Instrumental) Chen 27
On My Way (feat. B00sted) Chen 24
그댄 모르죠 (You never know) 첸 (CHEN) Chen 14
Best Luck (Its Okay, Its Love OST) Chen 16
밤편지 Chen 290
El Humildon Rip Chen 78
Sunday morning Chen 77
최고의 행운 (Chen(EXO) Best Luck) Chen 29
140109 쇼타임 첸 - Nothing Better Chen 22
Please Love Her (Ha Dong Kyun) (130802 Yoo In Na Radio) Chen 19
For You (Instrumental) Chen 12
I Miss You Chen 315
Tears Chen 108
Amaranth (고운 그대는 시들지 않으리) Chen 84
Every day, Every Moment Chen 76
벚꽃연가 - 첸 (CHEN) │ 백일의 낭군님 OST Chen 48
Rainfall (Instrumental) Chen 45
Hold you tight (널 안지 않을 수 있어야지) Chen 38
물들어 Chen 44
Cover by CHEN - 선물(Gift) (멜로망스 MeloMance) Chen 31
Cover por CHEN - Sorry- (고백) Chen 22
고백 (양다일) Chen 17
Dear my dear Chen 9
U - After Rain Chen 12
呼吸 (Breath) (feat. 張力尹) Chen 10
Crisis Chen 9
Кто хочет стать Миллионером Chen 8
벚꽃연가 Cherry Blossom Love Song Chen 98
My dear (그대에게) Chen 64