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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran
42048 songs
Be Right NowEd Sheeran212.6K
Candle In The Wind - 2018 VersionEd Sheeran166.4K
SandmanEd Sheeran183K
Perfect Symphony (Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli)Ed Sheeran218.7K
South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) Cheat Codes RemixEd Sheeran165.7K
I See Fire (Kygo Remix)Ed Sheeran307.1K
Bad Habits - MEDUZA RemixEd Sheeran148.3K
Castle on the Hill - AcousticEd Sheeran136.6K
Be Like YouEd Sheeran184.5K
...Baby One More Time - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYCEd Sheeran113.9K
Baby One More Time - Recorded at Spotify Studios New York CityEd Sheeran133.4K
Gold RushEd Sheeran259.1K
Photograph - Felix Jaehn RemixEd Sheeran144.9K
Where We LandEd Sheeran169K
New YorkEd Sheeran137.1K
Fire AlarmsEd Sheeran171.3K
Shivers (feat. Jessi & SUNMI)Ed Sheeran226.7K
One LifeEd Sheeran137.3K
Shape of You - Stormzy RemixEd Sheeran132.5K
Bad Habits (feat. Tion Wayne & Central Cee)Ed Sheeran249.3K
Galway Girl - Martin Jensen RemixEd Sheeran97.7K
Happier - AcousticEd Sheeran125.2K
English RoseEd Sheeran107.4K
I See Fire - Live and in SessionEd Sheeran68.7K
Thinking Out Loud - Alex Adair RemixEd Sheeran90.7K
Perfect - AcousticEd Sheeran110.7K
Lego House - AcousticEd Sheeran79.2K
Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) NOTD RemixEd Sheeran77.3K
I Dont CareEd Sheeran150.4K
Perfect Duet (with Beyonce)Ed Sheeran153.4K
SaturdayEd Sheeran67.5K
Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix)Ed Sheeran80.3K
Shivers - Ofenbach RemixEd Sheeran80.9K
South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello) AcousticEd Sheeran71.5K
Take Me Back To London (Remix)Ed Sheeran121.4K
Antisocial (with Travis Scott) MK RemixEd Sheeran51.4K
Dont - Don Diablo RemixEd Sheeran60.3K
Shape of You - Galantis RemixEd Sheeran67.9K
Sing - Live and in SessionEd Sheeran47.4K
Everything You AreEd Sheeran100.6K
The A Team - Koan Sound RemixEd Sheeran58.3K
Shivers (Dillon Francis Remix)Ed Sheeran49.5K
The City (Live at Sticky Studios)Ed Sheeran62.3K
Castle on the Hill - Recorded at Spotify Studios New York CityEd Sheeran50.3K
Firefly (Bravado Dubstep Remix)Ed Sheeran56.4K
2step (feat. Chefin)Ed Sheeran90.2K
The A Team - Live At The BedfordEd Sheeran40.4K
Shape of You (Latin Remix)Ed Sheeran55.6K
Wake Me Up - Live At The BedfordEd Sheeran48.1K
Bad Habits - Joel Corry RemixEd Sheeran47.3K
Sunburn - Deluxe EditionEd Sheeran73.1K
Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) Jack Wins RemixEd Sheeran52.4K
I Dont Care (with Justin Bieber) Jonas Blue RemixEd Sheeran49.8K
I Dont Care (with Justin Bieber) Loud Luxury RemixEd Sheeran51.7K
Bad Habits - Acoustic VersionEd Sheeran49.5K
You Need Me, I Dont Need You - Live At The BedfordEd Sheeran46.5K
Homeless - Live At The BedfordEd Sheeran38.7K
Fall - Live At The BedfordEd Sheeran38.5K
Wayfaring StrangerEd Sheeran104.3K
The City - Live At The BedfordEd Sheeran37K
Shivers - Alok RemixEd Sheeran32.2K
Dont - Rick Ross RemixEd Sheeran58K
Castle on the Hill- Recorded at Spotify Studios NYCEd Sheeran30.8K
South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) Sam Feldt RemixEd Sheeran46K
Happier - Kasbo RemixEd Sheeran35.1K
Little Lady - Mikill PaneEd Sheeran38.3K
The A Team - Live and in SessionEd Sheeran29.2K
South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) Andy Jarvis RemixEd Sheeran34.1K
Castle on the Hill - Throttle RemixEd Sheeran37.2K
Lately - DevlinEd Sheeran30.7K
One - Live and in SessionEd Sheeran32.5K
2step (feat. Ultimo)Ed Sheeran36.2K
Radio - feat. JMEEd Sheeran28.8K
Shape of You - NOTD RemixEd Sheeran25.9K
You - +WileyEd Sheeran28.4K
Shape of You (feat. Nyla & Kranium) Major Lazer RemixEd Sheeran44.7K
Parting Glass - Live From Wembley StadiumEd Sheeran26.2K
Candle In The WindEd Sheeran29.4K
Autumn Leaves (Bonus Track)Ed Sheeran72.3K
Skinny LoveEd Sheeran61.1K
Shivers - Acoustic VersionEd Sheeran36.8K
Family - P MoneyEd Sheeran24.4K
Antisocial (with Travis Scott) Ghali RemixEd Sheeran24.8K
Shape of You - Major Lazer Remix; feat. Nyla & KraniumEd Sheeran28.8K
Happier - Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS RemixEd Sheeran33.4K
Small Bump - Live From Wembley StadiumEd Sheeran22K
Little Lady (feat. Mikill Pane)Ed Sheeran42.6K
Radio (feat. JME)Ed Sheeran36.2K
The A Team - Shy FXs Ackee and Saltfish RemixEd Sheeran19.2K
Castle on the Hill - Seeb RemixEd Sheeran26K
Be My Husband - Live From GlastonburyEd Sheeran22.4K
Nightmares - + Random Impulse + Sway + Wretch 32Ed Sheeran21.5K
Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix)Ed Sheeran71.4K
Little Bird (Bonus Track)Ed Sheeran59.9K
You Need Me, I Dont Need You - Live and in SessionEd Sheeran25.7K
2step (feat. Leto)Ed Sheeran18.6K
Sunburn (Bonus Track)Ed Sheeran53.2K