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Emilia Tarrant

Emilia Tarrant
23 songs
When It Was ChaoticEmilia Tarrant3.2K
Same for MeEmilia Tarrant1.6K
When It Was Chaotic - AcousticEmilia Tarrant1.1K
Here You Are, AgainEmilia Tarrant2.1K
Honeymoon PhaseEmilia Tarrant906
If You Want LoveEmilia Tarrant1.2K
If Love Is a GunEmilia Tarrant219
Slow MotionEmilia Tarrant473
Stuck on YouEmilia Tarrant194
Here You Are, Again - Luneo RemixEmilia Tarrant416
SeptemberEmilia Tarrant85
Wish I Didnt Miss YouEmilia Tarrant156
Black & WhiteEmilia Tarrant148
Best Friend HeartbreakEmilia Tarrant208
Another LifeEmilia Tarrant81
Slow Motion - Acoustic VersionEmilia Tarrant81
Same for Me - AcousticEmilia Tarrant18
September - AcousticEmilia Tarrant16
When It Was Chaotic (Acoustic)Emilia Tarrant57
Slow Motion (Acoustic Version)Emilia Tarrant10
‘Same For Me’Emilia Tarrant6
September (Acoustic)Emilia Tarrant11
When It Was Chaotic (Acoustic)Emilia Tarrant1