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4613 songs
Sky Love - Acoustic Foxes 4.3K
Echo - MONSTA Remix Foxes 2.9K
Beauty Queen - Jack Beats Remix Foxes 2.6K
Youth - Le Youth Remix Foxes 2.7K
Youth (Radio Edit) Foxes 7.2K
Echo (FIXYN Remix) Foxes 3.6K
Youth - Seamus Haji Remix Foxes 2.3K
Better Love - Calyx & TeeBee Remix Foxes 3.1K
Amazing - Cahill Club Mix Foxes 3K
Youth - Jakob Liedholm Remix Foxes 2.7K
Youth - Danny Howard Remix Foxes 2.1K
Smoke Foxes 1.9K
Better Love - Steve Smart Remix Foxes 3.3K
Clarity (Acoustic) Foxes 4.9K
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Foxes 11.3K
...So I Walk Alone Into The Dawn Of The Next Day Foxes 3.7K
Let The Pen Be Your Voice And The Paper The Ear Foxes 3.4K
Youth - Orchestral Version Foxes 3.2K
Rise Up Foxes 2.9K
Blue Foxes 3.6K
Echo - French Fries Remix Foxes 1.4K
Better Love - CamelPhat Remix Foxes 1.5K
Its Getting Cold, Im Getting Cold Foxes 3K
Glorious - Everything Everything Remix Foxes 1.3K
Let Go For Tonight (Live) Foxes 3.9K
My Open Hands Were Once Welcoming Foxes 3K
White Coats (Faustix & Imanos Remix) Foxes 1.9K
Body Talk - TCTS Remix Radio Edit Foxes 1.9K
Body Talk (Bakermat Remix) Foxes 3.4K
Body Talk - Bakermat Remix Instrumental Foxes 1.5K
Irlanda - Dos Melodies Irlandeses (1 Giga i 1 Eagle) Foxes 972
Youth (Le Youth Remix) Foxes 2.2K
Glorious - Zoo Station Remix Foxes 1.5K
Youth (Monsieur Adi Remix) Foxes 2.8K
Youth (Disco Fries Radio Remix) Foxes 1K
Youth (Disco Fries Remix) Foxes 2.9K
Kathleen (Live Acoustic) Foxes 2.5K
Youth (Seamus Haji Remix) Foxes 2.2K
Youth - Maze & Masters Remix Foxes 918
Warrior (live) Foxes 3.2K
Beauty Queen (Jack Beats Remix) Foxes 1.7K
Get Out Of The Gallery Foxes 3.3K
The Airing Of Grievances Foxes 3.2K
Echo - Instrumental Foxes 1.5K
Dont Stop Me Now Foxes 5.3K
Youth (Breakage Remix) Foxes 1.8K
Youth (Orchestral) Foxes 2K
Body Talk - TCTS Remix Foxes 1.6K
Hollow Nest Foxes 2.2K
Youth (Adventure Club Remix Radio Edit) Foxes 2.4K
Holding onto Heaven (Chainsmokers Remix Radio Edit) Foxes 2.4K
Post-Utopia Foxes 1.4K
Holding onto Heaven (Wideboys Remix) Foxes 2.1K
Echo (Paper Crows Remix) Foxes 1.2K
Youth (Disco Fries Radio Remix) Foxes 1.5K
Glorious (Radio Edit) Foxes 3.1K
Cosmic Ballet Foxes 1.2K
Better Love - Track by Track Foxes 451
Glorious (Great Good Fine Ok Remix) Foxes 966
Echo (MONSTA Remix) Foxes 781
Let Go for Tonight (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Version) Foxes 1.5K
White Coats (Xaphoon Jones In The Zone Remix) Foxes 1.5K
Echo (French Fries Remix) Foxes 707
Youth - Liam Keegan Remix Foxes 595
Youth (Danny Howard Remix) Foxes 1.1K
We Are Islands Foxes 1.9K
Glorious (Mike Mago Remix) Foxes 1.1K
Ossuary Foxes 1K
Cruel - Track by Track Foxes 396
Body Talk - Track by Track Foxes 401
Albino Bambino Foxes 1K
Glorious (Zoo Station Remix) Foxes 1.2K
Stomp the Earthworm Foxes 1.5K
Humungous Fungus Foxes 947
Youth - Funk Generation Club Mix Foxes 440
Aint Nobody Foxes 995
Echo (Instrumental) Foxes 614
Body Talk - TCTS Extended Dub Foxes 436
Youth - Varsity Team Extended Mix Foxes 441
Crawl Foxes 816
Pariah Foxes 798
Big Ben Foxes 794
Devil Side - Track by Track Foxes 331
Glorious (Everything Everything Remix) Foxes 1.2K
Holding On To Heaven (The Chainsmokers Remix) Foxes 770
Devil Side (Acoustic) Foxes 1.2K
Youth Foxes 536
Better Love (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) Foxes 962
Feet Dont Fail Me Now - Track by Track Foxes 310
The Wind and the Wallow Foxes 669
Withered Eyes Through a Fractured Pane Foxes 732
Warrior (T Williams Remix) Foxes 520
Holding onto Heaven (Live) Foxes 1.5K
Youth (Maze & Masters Remix) Foxes 1.1K
Youth (live) Foxes 1.2K
Holding On To Heaven Foxes 2.9K
Better Love (Steve Smart Remix) Foxes 998
Glorious (acoustic) Foxes 578
Scar - Track by Track Foxes 272
Photograph (Originally by Ed Sheeran) Foxes 587