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FreshandFit Clips

FreshandFit Clips
1018 songs
Myron Debunked Her 1% Fantasy!FreshandFit Clips45
She Tried To Insult SNEAKO And Got REKTFreshandFit Clips29
She Tried To OFFEND Us But Fell FLAT On Her FACE Instead!FreshandFit Clips14
A Dark Future Is On The Horizon... (Heres Why) feat. Rollo TomassiFreshandFit Clips13
Andrew Tate Teaches The Darkest Game Youll Ever LearnFreshandFit Clips12
She Really Tested Myrons Patience TateSpeechFreshandFit Clips18
More Women Will Die Alone Today Than Ever Before (feat. Aba & Preach)FreshandFit Clips12
Her Fat Ass Cant Lock Down A High Value Man!FreshandFit Clips11
She Wouldnt Accept That Men Are REPULSED By Sls!FreshandFit Clips12
They Got Pissed When Myron Said It!FreshandFit Clips10
This Psycho Chick Went Absolutely CrazyFreshandFit Clips10
What REALLY Went Down In Romania… TateSpeech TATE CONFIDENTIALFreshandFit Clips10
Kiki Klout And Adam22 Get Heated Over Their BeefFreshandFit Clips10
This Is How You Finesse Girls While Dating! TateSpeechFreshandFit Clips9
Blonde Thinks Men Are DUMB But Got It FLIPPED On Her!FreshandFit Clips9
She Wants Chivalry But Wants to Be A HeFreshandFit Clips10
SNEAKO Explained Why Western Women Are A LOST CauseFreshandFit Clips8
Donovan Showed This Girl NO MERCY. THIS Happened...FreshandFit Clips8
This Proves That Modern 304s Live In A BACKWARDS Reality!FreshandFit Clips7
Myron Couldnt Stop Laughing After Chris Said THISFreshandFit Clips7
PROOF That Girls Put Emotion First! Over Facts!FreshandFit Clips7
Youre SCREWED If You SUCK With Girls (Here Are Your 2 Options) feat. CoachGregAdamsFreshandFit Clips10
How Myron SAVED Sneako From Female FKERY In Dubai (EPIC)FreshandFit Clips6
Mia Khalifas Got Myrons Blood BoilingFreshandFit Clips6
Sorority Girl Tried SHAMING Myron For NOT Wanting A H03…FreshandFit Clips6
OnlyFans Women Got SALTY When Myron Kept It REAL!FreshandFit Clips6
She Thinks Shes A 10...FreshandFit Clips6
Myron Said THIS & She Knocked Over The Mic And Stormed Off...🤬FreshandFit Clips6
They’re UPSET Most Men DON’T Want THESE Kind Of Women…FreshandFit Clips6
Why You DONT Want To DATE 9s and 10s (Myron Went OFF)FreshandFit Clips5
We Tried R3DPILLING Destiny And This HAPPENED! (Heated)FreshandFit Clips5
They Could Not GET OVER Their Emotions In The Face Of The FactsFreshandFit Clips5
What Sets A HE Apart From A HOUSEWIFE (Tate COOKED)FreshandFit Clips5
She Said Men JUDGE Her Then We OPENED Her IG And SAW Why!FreshandFit Clips5
A Dark Future Is Coming For These Women!FreshandFit Clips5
The One Secret About Women Only High Value Men KnowFreshandFit Clips6
Myron Debunked Her 1% FantasyFreshandFit Clips6
F3minist Was SALTY That He READ Her Situation PERFECTLY!FreshandFit Clips5
They Think A Night With Them Is Worth THIS Much…FreshandFit Clips5
6’1” Girl Said Shes RICHER Than Jason Momoa!FreshandFit Clips5
THIS Is What Happens to Passed Around Chicks! DJ AkademiksFreshandFit Clips5
Myron And Destiny Had A Hard DEBATE Over This COLD Truth!FreshandFit Clips4
OnlyFans Chick ACTED Like A CEO But He ROASTED Her!FreshandFit Clips4
Are Women In 1st World Countries OpressedFreshandFit Clips4
This Ghetto Chick Couldn’t Accept THIS Reality About MenFreshandFit Clips4
She Learned The REASON Why Her Man “Accepts” Her DIRTY Past!FreshandFit Clips4
Myron Saw Right THROUGH Her Female FOOLERY! (Stop The 🧢)FreshandFit Clips4
SNEAKO Called In And EXPOSED 3 LIARS On The Panel (BEST Frank)FreshandFit Clips4
Why Most Women Are SHEEPFreshandFit Clips4
Can The Girls Get Laid As A Man?FreshandFit Clips4
She Went SILENT When Myron Started GRILLING About This!FreshandFit Clips4
Myron Told Her THIS Hard Reality About Her Past!FreshandFit Clips4
Capper Said She’s “FIT” So Myron WHIPPED Out The SCALE!FreshandFit Clips4
Women Are Way More Deluded Than They Realize!FreshandFit Clips4
Why Cant They Ever Understand That Men And Women Are Different?FreshandFit Clips4
Women Dont Like To Take Criticism (Heres Why)FreshandFit Clips4
The Girls Got Offended After Tommy Said She’s FATFreshandFit Clips4
They Still Dont Understand Why Men Are Superior (Myron Loses His Mind)FreshandFit Clips4
She Kicked Herself Out!FreshandFit Clips4
What Do Men Want In Women?FreshandFit Clips4
Myron Almost Popped A Blood Vessel Explaining THIS!FreshandFit Clips4
How Much Should Men Earn?FreshandFit Clips4
Girls Dont Realize How Much Men Hate These Women!FreshandFit Clips4
Girls Repeatedly Date Up (Heres What Happens to Them...) feat. Better BachelorFreshandFit Clips4
Men Know What They Want. They Dont Know How to be Wanted. (feat. Aba & Preach)FreshandFit Clips4
She Realized That F3minism LIED To Her!FreshandFit Clips15
The SECRET Ways Girls Will STEAL Your Attention (Without Sx!) CoachGregAdamsFreshandFit Clips11
They Were COPING Hard To JUSTIFY Their OnlyFans “Business”FreshandFit Clips5
Chicks Dont Understand What High Value Men Want!FreshandFit Clips5
Not Getting Sx? Kick Her to the Curb IMMEDIATELY!FreshandFit Clips5
This Is Reality For An Average ManFreshandFit Clips4
The REAL Reason Why Women Wear Makeup!FreshandFit Clips4
They Always SHAME Men For WANTING This Kind Of WomanFreshandFit Clips3
They Got DEFENSIVE When We LAYED Down Our LOGICFreshandFit Clips3
Masculine Chick Got CHALLENGED For Being An ENTITLED Mess!FreshandFit Clips3
Ladies Tried GANGING Up On Myron But He LIT Them Up!FreshandFit Clips3
She Was SHOCKED That Myron TRANSLATED Her Womanese PERFECTLY!FreshandFit Clips3
She Said It’s Men’s FAULT That Women Do THIS To Eachother!FreshandFit Clips3
She Has TONS Of Standards For Men But Says This Is INSECURE?! 🤨FreshandFit Clips3
She Wants HONESTY But Gave Myron An ATTITUDE For This!FreshandFit Clips3
She Learned The COLD Truth About Her DIRTY Money!FreshandFit Clips3
Myron BRUISED Their INFLATED Egos When Reality HIT Them!FreshandFit Clips3
Use THIS Test to Determine If Youre Getting Finessed By Her!FreshandFit Clips3
The MOST Attractive Race According To WomenFreshandFit Clips3
Wig Woman Said Shes PERFECT But Her Logic FAILED Her!FreshandFit Clips3
Soggy 304 Got PISSED At This And Chris CLAPPED BackFreshandFit Clips3
They Got CALLED OUT On Their “Body Positivity” HYPOCRISY!FreshandFit Clips3
26 Year Old Wants To Have Kids After It’s TOO LATE! ⏰FreshandFit Clips3
They Want Men To Be Dominant AND Feminine?! (DELUSION Olympics)FreshandFit Clips3
They Wanna CHALLENGE Men But We SHUT Down Their STUPIDITYFreshandFit Clips3
Women Have INFLATED Egos Because Of This…FreshandFit Clips3
F3minist TikToker Got REKT After CHALLENGING Myron On This!FreshandFit Clips3
Entitled Single Mom Learned Why Men SHOULDN’T Date HerFreshandFit Clips3
HATER Bimbo Tried GRILLING Him But FAILED Miserably! 🤡FreshandFit Clips3
How The Wealthy Stay WealthyFreshandFit Clips3
Why ALL Women Will Always SUCK At Male RolesFreshandFit Clips3
She Got Mad When We Told Her THIS!FreshandFit Clips3
Myron Told Her THIS Hard Reality About Her PastFreshandFit Clips3
The No.1 Sign A Woman Is A LoserFreshandFit Clips3
The AVERAGE Body Count Of Todays WomenFreshandFit Clips3
Argument Gone Wrong Myron Fires BackFreshandFit Clips3
Fat Chick Banned From Riding A Horse Myrons Epic RantFreshandFit Clips3
Western Women DEMAND This If You Wanna Date ThemFreshandFit Clips3
Myron Gave Skippy A Hard Piece Of Advice IamSkippyFreshandFit Clips3
Myron Frank Castled The Clout Chasing Bimbo!FreshandFit Clips3
Ladies BEGGED Us To RATE Them And HATED Our Honesty!FreshandFit Clips3
Does A He DESERVE To Get Wifed Up? (Ladies Debated)FreshandFit Clips3
Why Are Virgin Women Valued More Than 304’s?FreshandFit Clips3
These “Special 10s” Turned SOUR When Sneako Said This!FreshandFit Clips3
She Got Offended When We Said That Women Bang A LOT Of MenFreshandFit Clips3
Heres Why You Cant Find The Perfect GirlFreshandFit Clips3
Do Short Guys Even Have A Chance?FreshandFit Clips3
The Most Unattractive Trait A Woman Can HaveFreshandFit Clips3
TateSpeech Became A Millionaire Using THESE GirlsFreshandFit Clips3
She Thinks The World Revolves Around HERFreshandFit Clips3
She Thought THIS One Thing Improves Her ChancesFreshandFit Clips3
Rollo Explains The Human NatureFreshandFit Clips3
Shes Starting to Look UGLY (Should You Tell Her?) MrOrganikFreshandFit Clips3
The Guy She Banged Probably Banged the Other Girls As Well... Better BachelorFreshandFit Clips3
She Tried SHAMING Myron Because She COULDNT Keep UpFreshandFit Clips14
Women Cant Stand Rejection (Heres Why)FreshandFit Clips9
Modern Women Are Hardwired To Do THIS To MenFreshandFit Clips6
What REALLY Went Down In Romania… TateSpeech TATE CONFIDENTIALFreshandFit Clips5
She THINKS She Can EASILY Fight A Man!FreshandFit Clips5
Single Mom COULDN’T Take Myron’s Honesty! (Hard Truth)FreshandFit Clips4
How To Know When A Girl Is LYING About Her Body CountFreshandFit Clips4
She TRIED Giving Us ADVICE But It Got KICKED To The CURBFreshandFit Clips3
Girls Revealed If They Know If A Guy Has A BIG Dck!FreshandFit Clips3
Myron UNLEASHED This Truth BOMB About UGLY Chicks!FreshandFit Clips3
OnlyFans Women Got SALTY When Myron Kept It REALFreshandFit Clips3
They Want Men To “Speak Their Mind” But CAN’T Handle ItFreshandFit Clips3
She Called Myron A Hypocrite And It BackfiredFreshandFit Clips3
She HATED On The Pod Because Of These HARD FactsFreshandFit Clips3
Why Men CAN Be Hes But Women ShouldntFreshandFit Clips3
304s Need To Hear This Advice…FreshandFit Clips3
Ladies COULDNT Admit That This Is CHEATING…FreshandFit Clips3
The Difference Between Girls That Do & Dont Have Common SenseFreshandFit Clips3
30 Year Old Boss Babe LEARNED Her TIME Is RUNNING OUT! ⌛FreshandFit Clips3
Her Dad Did THIS So She Wouldnt Become A H03FreshandFit Clips3
She Wants MEN To Take BIRTH CONTROL! (H03 Logic Exposed)FreshandFit Clips3
She Claims That Her Daddy THAT PAYS FOR EVERYTHING Is ToxicFreshandFit Clips3
Her Fat Ass Cant Lock Down A High Value ManFreshandFit Clips3
They Rejected Men They Were Into??FreshandFit Clips3
Women Are Way More Deluded Than They RealizeFreshandFit Clips3
What She Wants In Monogamy Isn’t What You Would Expect…FreshandFit Clips3
Theres Only ONE Sole Reason to Get Married TodayFreshandFit Clips3
90% Men Are Committing This Mistake RIGHT NOWFreshandFit Clips3
Karen BLAMED Men For Being SINGLE So Chris EXPOSED Her!FreshandFit Clips2
Salty F3minists Got STOPPED After SPEWING This Woke BS!FreshandFit Clips2
Their DOUBLE Standards Got THROWN Right BACK At Them!FreshandFit Clips2
30 Year Old Got REKT After Rejecting This Truth BOMBFreshandFit Clips2
How Myron Went VIRAL And Shocked TIKTOK For Saying This!FreshandFit Clips2
This Hard Reality SHOOK Their Fairytale FANTASY!FreshandFit Clips2
She COULDNT Stop EMBARRASSING Herself (God TIER Cringe)FreshandFit Clips2
Single Moms ADMITTED Defeat When We ASKED ThisFreshandFit Clips2
First She REJECTED Our Facts Then REALITY Hit Her HARD!FreshandFit Clips2
We Learn To Accept Nos Because Women Cant Accept AnythingFreshandFit Clips2
Masculine Chick Got SILENCED For Getting OUT Of LineFreshandFit Clips2
LONELY Chicks Got HIT With The ANSWER They DIDN’T WantFreshandFit Clips2
They Were SHOCKED Myron EXPOSED Their True COLORS!FreshandFit Clips2
SINGLE Chick Got HIT With Reality After COMPLAINING!FreshandFit Clips2
Her DOUBLE Standards Got BOUNCED Back On Her!FreshandFit Clips2
DIVORCED Chick Got TRIGGERED When Myron Brought THIS UpFreshandFit Clips2
The Most POWERFUL Way To LEVEL Up In DatingFreshandFit Clips2
Salty Karen Got CHECKED For Being Too DISAGREEABLE!FreshandFit Clips2
She Decided To 1V1 Myron And This Happened!FreshandFit Clips2
F3minist COMPLAINED But Charleston MADE Her REFLECT!FreshandFit Clips2
“Alpha” Chick CALLED Us INSECURE For ENFORCING This!FreshandFit Clips2
DIVORCED Chick Got TRIGGERED When Myron Brought THIS Up!FreshandFit Clips2
Myron STOPPED The Show When This ANGRY Viewer Said ThisFreshandFit Clips2
This “10” Expects Men To WAIT On Their KNEES For This…FreshandFit Clips2
Career Chicks WEREN’T Ready For This BITTER TruthFreshandFit Clips2
These Answers PROVED They Make HORRIBLE Wingmen!FreshandFit Clips2
BITTER 34 Year Old HATED Myrons COLD Facts About THIS ⌛️FreshandFit Clips2
She Started COPING That Men WANT This Kind Of Woman!FreshandFit Clips2
She CALLED The Ladies BlMBOS And This Happened!FreshandFit Clips2
Stubborn Chick TRIED To 1V1 Myron But Got RINSED!FreshandFit Clips2
Women Lie To Average GuysFreshandFit Clips2
They Were THROWN Off By This HARSH RealityFreshandFit Clips2
They HIT Us With SHAMING Language For HURTING Their EgosFreshandFit Clips2
They Didn’t EXPECT This L When They DENIED Girl Privilege!FreshandFit Clips2
Men Who REJECT This BITTER Truth Will ALWAYS Suffer!FreshandFit Clips2
Salty F3MlNlST Couldn’t ACCEPT This Simple TRUTH 🤡FreshandFit Clips2
Ratchet Chick TRIED Dissing MEN But Got It REVERSEDFreshandFit Clips2
Tate DEBUNKED Their LIES About “T0xic” Masculinity!FreshandFit Clips2
Women Need To Understand What Money Is!FreshandFit Clips2
TikToker Thinks The Process Doesnt Matter!FreshandFit Clips2
They HATED Being Told THIS Because Society NEVER DoesFreshandFit Clips2
The Room Got QUIET When Myron SPUN This Fact On THEMFreshandFit Clips2
Myron Shocked Her With This Statement!FreshandFit Clips2
PROOF Modern Women Get EVIL When They Take Ls!FreshandFit Clips2
She BRAGGED About This BUT Couldnt BACK It UP! (Common L)FreshandFit Clips2
She SNITCHED On Herself By NOT Accepting This Fact!FreshandFit Clips2
LOUD Chick Got TRIGGERED Cause She HATES Hearing FactsFreshandFit Clips2
This DISQUALIFIES Women From Being Wifed Up?FreshandFit Clips2
SINGLE Mom Has HIGH Standards For Men But He ROASTED HerFreshandFit Clips2
Myron POPPED Their “City Girl” FANTASY When He Said It!FreshandFit Clips2
The Reason Why Women Shouldnt Join The Military!FreshandFit Clips2
Bimbo THINKS Men Are AFTER Her “Spiritual” Vibes…FreshandFit Clips2
SINGLE Mom Has HIGH Standards For Men But He ROASTED Her!FreshandFit Clips2