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High Value Man Roasts Woman! MrOrganik​FreshandFit56
Super ChatsFreshandFit200
Kevin Samuels Goes 1 on 1 vs Career Woman (Amanda)FreshandFit55
Ladies introFreshandFit62
Last thoughtsFreshandFit53
99% Of Girls Cant Answer This UNCOMFORTABLE QuestionFreshandFit32
Kevin Samuels Proved That These Girls Will Become Terrible Mothers?FreshandFit37
If She Uses THIS, Shes 100% Cheating On You... (Accept It)FreshandFit27
The ladys IntroFreshandFit44
Girls Think Young Men Are Extremely Unattractive! Timcast IRLFreshandFit23
Intro, Announcements, PlugsFreshandFit21
Redhead Girl Tried To Pull A Misogyny Card On Us!FreshandFit30
What do the ladies bring to the table?FreshandFit18
The ladies name 3 countriesFreshandFit18
Tate Explains High Value menFreshandFit16
Ladies introsFreshandFit14
Tate, womens real jobFreshandFit14
Why Girls CONTINUALLY Fail To Understand Their RolesFreshandFit14
The show wraps upFreshandFit20
Andrew Tate and F&F v 11 GirlsFreshandFit20
all men cheatFreshandFit13
Tate Explains EqualityFreshandFit13
Back to last thoughtsFreshandFit17
Ladies and Andrew Tate introduce themselves!FreshandFit14
Girls NEVER Admit They Like THESE Traits In MenFreshandFit13
Tate introductionsFreshandFit12
Myron explains high value.FreshandFit12
Tate explains love (part of above)FreshandFit12
Im in love with my man...FreshandFit12
ladies, whats your bedroom preferencesFreshandFit12
She Called Her BEST FRIEND (Im Horny)FreshandFit12
WHOA... Damn girl...FreshandFit12
Aba challenges the ladies opinionsFreshandFit12
Aba cooking time...arrogance, security, dating up, successful womenFreshandFit11
Kevin Samuels Destroyed This Feminist Woman! (Rest In POWER)FreshandFit14
Ladies introduce themselves!FreshandFit11
width or girthFreshandFit10
Most Girls Wont Admit THIS Reality to Themselves (Feelings Get Hurt!) Solotv84FreshandFit10
What men want?FreshandFit10
Want to Trigger A Girl EASILY? Drop This Line! (She’ll SNAP!) Funny Marco Gerald HustonFreshandFit10
Dream world scenarioFreshandFit15
Myron Was SHOCKED When She Asked ThisFreshandFit13
Aba & Preach v 10 Girls (Fresh&Fit After Hours)FreshandFit13
TateSpeech v ayyye jae (7 NBA Player Throat GOAT) F&F AHFreshandFit12
Not Getting Sex? Do This!FreshandFit12
Aba breaks down the relationship crisis in modern datingFreshandFit10
tate, guys intimidated by girl on girl.FreshandFit9
Girls introductionFreshandFit9
Ladies, Choose Boring or successfulFreshandFit9
women dont date downFreshandFit9
Intro, super chats, announcementsFreshandFit9
This Is What The Wall Looks Like!FreshandFit9
The Avengers ASSEMBLE!TateSpeechThe Rational MaleJWALLER Stirling Cooper EVERY MAN NEEDS THIS...FreshandFit15
She Couldnt Admit That Shes Been With A LOT Of Dudes!FreshandFit11
She Tried To Grill Myron (Heres How It Went)FreshandFit10
Lazy Men Dont Do This (feat. Better Bachelor)FreshandFit10
We Asked Teachingmensfashion If He Cheats!FreshandFit9
Demon Girl Won’t Let Her BF Cheat!FreshandFit9
They Got Repulsed When Myron Said It!FreshandFit9
Jayz isnt easily replaceableFreshandFit8
This DUMMY Broke in and THIS Happened...FreshandFit8
Easiest Frank Castle Ever!FreshandFit8
CREEPY Men Fight Tooth And Nail For THESE WomenFreshandFit8
TateSpeech and DJ Akademiks EXPOSE 304 & 500k celebration PodcastFreshandFit34
We KICKED OUT Celina Powell and her BIMBO friend and THIS Happened Ft. Andrew TateTateSpeechFreshandFit28
Can Women Be Open In Relationships?! HEATED DEBATE wSNEAKO, Destiny & MJ GetRightFreshandFit13
Logan Paul & IMPAULSIVE Virtue Signal Frauds? Discussion wSNEAKO, Destiny & MJ GetRightFreshandFit11
Bradley Martyn Roasted This Chick!!!FreshandFit9
Chick Got Mad After Myron Told Her Why She Wears MakeupFreshandFit8
FACTS VS FEELINGS; They Still Dont See The FactsFreshandFit8
Do Women Equate Each Partner With The Best One They HadFreshandFit7
Are men & women equal?FreshandFit7
Missionary is toxic...?!FreshandFit7
Textbook Example Of Girl CAPPIN About Her Arousal (feat. MrOrganik)FreshandFit7
DO NOT Mess With The PunisherFreshandFit7
THIS Is How Men vs Women Perceive Bedroom Fun (feat. Stirling Cooper)FreshandFit7
The King of Toxic Masculinity Andrew Tate TateSpeech​FreshandFit23
Girls Dont Need or Want You (Feat. AaronClarey)FreshandFit16
We kicked out 2 RATCHET chicks...and THIS happened!FreshandFit14
Back to would you want your man to explore other women when he’s with you?FreshandFit10
She Asked Myron If Hes High Value!FreshandFit9
Myron Frank Castled a Group of GirlsFreshandFit8
Have you ever wanted to date your man’s friend?FreshandFit7
These Girls are Evil! (They Ruin Lives & Suck Dk!) DJ AkademiksFreshandFit7
We brought the minorities 4 models. Heres what happened...FreshandFit7
Who Gives Unconditional Love, Men Or Women?FreshandFit6
Women want a family at the end of the dayFreshandFit6
Tate, ride or dieFreshandFit6
Andrew Tate’s thought’s on the subjectFreshandFit6
Hot 19 Year Olds & A Million Dollars Solves SadnessFreshandFit6
Her Feelings Got Her KICKED OUT!FreshandFit6
Girl Gets Kicked Out, THEN APOLOGIZES?FreshandFit6
This One Trait Is REPULSIVE to Men (PERIOD.) Funny Marco Gerald HustonFreshandFit6
Men! THIS Is Why Directness ELIMINATES Entitled GirlsFreshandFit6
Round Table DEBATE w SNEAKO & Destiny!FreshandFit18
Andrew Tate BACK and UNCENSORED! The MOST BASED Podcast on YouTube! TateSpeechFreshandFit11
The ladies IntroFreshandFit10
Is it worst for a woman or a man to have a roster?FreshandFit9
Ladies, How would you attract a HV guy.FreshandFit9
Kevin Samuels Destroyed Their Hopes & Dreams Of Becoming Moms! (Rest In POWER)FreshandFit7
Should Dad Buy Food For Son & BABY MOMs Kids That Arent HisFreshandFit7
Heres Why He Phase Girls Are Fked!FreshandFit7
Girls Think Theyll Attract The Right Man With THIS MindsetFreshandFit7
tate, women stay seatedFreshandFit6
Tate fan... FOUND him in the studioFreshandFit6
Another dream scenarioFreshandFit6
Why Females Keep FAILING To Understand THIS...FreshandFit6
They Tried to FIGHT After Getting Insulted!FreshandFit6
Andrew explains furtherFreshandFit6
Andrew Tate on women allowing there men hanging with other femalesFreshandFit6
Superchats! (Like the family!)FreshandFit6
But a bad bh brings value!FreshandFit6
Man Gets Kicked Off The ShowFreshandFit6
Back on LiveFreshandFit5
Will Smith is now forever a cuck, because of JadaFreshandFit5
drama turns lebians on i guess...FreshandFit5
Loyal, Broke Guy, Or Rich & a CheaterFreshandFit5
Tate, we are not equalFreshandFit5
He is face timing me... DTF?FreshandFit5
The Ladys GuestsFreshandFit5
Female Delusion calculatorFreshandFit5
There is no male delusional calculatorFreshandFit5
What would be worst your man cheating with you with 10 of your friends or your man not defending you?FreshandFit5
Guys, whats your favorite sex positionsFreshandFit5
You need to spend 10 years in a nuneryFreshandFit5
You dont drink vodka but you drink cum!?FreshandFit5
Tate needs Vodka to tolerate these girlsFreshandFit5
Can a Man Have a Hobby Without It Making Money & His Girl Still Love Him?FreshandFit5
Is she actually, Bi?FreshandFit5
Is Cheating Wrong For MenFreshandFit5
I love sking dkFreshandFit5
Last thoughts on the showFreshandFit5
Can men & women be platonic friends?FreshandFit5
it was TOTALLY stagedFreshandFit5
Would you want your man to explore other women when he’s with you?FreshandFit5
Women try to pick up women as men (CONTINUED)FreshandFit5
Do you girls think you can have platonic friends?FreshandFit5
Tate, high value guysFreshandFit5
Men want (close to) virgin womenFreshandFit5
Back To What Do You Look For In a GuyFreshandFit5
Andrew, do you prefer a woman with higher status or just average?FreshandFit5
guys, what do you consider a HV man?FreshandFit5
Myron, men provisioning exampleFreshandFit5
tate on the bugFreshandFit5
ladies introductionFreshandFit5
The bestfor a man is newFreshandFit5
What do the ladies want from a man?FreshandFit5
We demonize mens preferences in womenFreshandFit5
The 2 Sneakiest Things Girls DoFreshandFit5
Pull Girls EASILYFreshandFit5
How much for the guys to suck some ?FreshandFit5
This Girl Is Dropping GameFreshandFit5
This 32 Year Old Bimbo Kept Showing Her Attitude!FreshandFit5
These Girls Just Love Arguing With MyronFreshandFit5
How much for a nice long conversation with a woman?FreshandFit5
Kevin Samuels Explained What A High Value Man Is (Rest in POWER)FreshandFit5
Do you like bisexual men?FreshandFit5
How much would coochie cost?FreshandFit5
MrOrganik, what do you look for in a woman?FreshandFit5
Myron talks on girls value for HV men.FreshandFit5
Organik, what would make you settle down.FreshandFit5
Kiki, how do you manage your customers.FreshandFit5
Reason Why Players Almost Never Commit to Promiscuous Girls Austin Dunham How to BeastFreshandFit5
Myron Almost Popped A Blood Vessel Again!FreshandFit5
Girls Never Provide THIS To Men They Desperately DesireFreshandFit5
CoachGregAdams Called Her A 49erFreshandFit5
This Dead “Giveaway” Question Proves If Shes CappinFreshandFit5
Average Women DONT Want Average Men! Mike RashidFreshandFit5
Kevin Samuels vs 3 Ladies (Fresh&Fit Afterhours)FreshandFit15
Guests rebuttleFreshandFit6
Kevin Samuels& The Roommates VS 3 Girls (Fresh&Fit After Hours)FreshandFit6
Why men interact with women & why S3X is important to men?FreshandFit5
The struggle of getting women as a man? (CONTINUED)FreshandFit5
Destiny’s Tinder Game Back In The DayFreshandFit5
What body count is too high for a man?FreshandFit5
Can men be honest with women?FreshandFit5
Would women want a men or a women in a leadership position?FreshandFit5
Strong Independent Women Turn Feeble After Man Breaks InFreshandFit5
Guys, whats your biggest turn off?FreshandFit5
Back to the question to the guys.FreshandFit5
She Called Her Best Friend (He Gets Exposed!)FreshandFit5
What Do You Look For In a Guy?FreshandFit4
Do The Ladies Know Who Andrew Tate Is?FreshandFit4
The Ladies Try To Name 3 CountriesFreshandFit4
Men don’t care about a women’s money or successFreshandFit4
Girls Don’t Have Any Actual HobbiesFreshandFit4
Get into The Crypto MindsetFreshandFit4
Would You Be Ok Supporting a Guy Financially?FreshandFit4