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George Ezra

George Ezra
4959 songs
BudapestGeorge Ezra5.2M
ShotgunGeorge Ezra2.4M
BarcelonaGeorge Ezra1.3M
Blame It on MeGeorge Ezra1.5M
ParadiseGeorge Ezra1.2M
Hold My GirlGeorge Ezra901.8K
Cassy OGeorge Ezra631.4K
Listen to the ManGeorge Ezra659.6K
White Christmas - Spotify Singles - Holiday, Recorded at Air Studios, LondonGeorge Ezra210.9K
Leaving It Up to YouGeorge Ezra395.2K
Green Green GrassGeorge Ezra556K
Did You Hear the Rain?George Ezra448.8K
Pretty Shining PeopleGeorge Ezra529.3K
Dont Matter NowGeorge Ezra405.4K
Budapest - Live from Spotify StockholmGeorge Ezra169.6K
Anyone For You (Tiger Lily)George Ezra339.5K
Drawing BoardGeorge Ezra238.9K
Stand by Your GunGeorge Ezra242.8K
BreakawayGeorge Ezra213.3K
Over the CreekGeorge Ezra212.1K
Spectacular RivalGeorge Ezra174K
Blind Man in AmsterdamGeorge Ezra175.7K
Benjamin TwineGeorge Ezra133K
All My LoveGeorge Ezra199.5K
Get AwayGeorge Ezra215K
Song 6George Ezra160.5K
Hold My Girl (Acoustic Version)George Ezra127.5K
Angry HillGeorge Ezra127.5K
Its Just My SkinGeorge Ezra132.7K
Da Vinci Riot PoliceGeorge Ezra153.5K
SugarcoatGeorge Ezra147.7K
Shotgun (The Wild Remix)George Ezra97.7K
Dance All Over MeGeorge Ezra119.5K
Coat of ArmourGeorge Ezra93.1K
Get Lonely with MeGeorge Ezra99.4K
The Beautiful DreamGeorge Ezra129.9K
Only a HumanGeorge Ezra115.8K
Saviour (feat. First Aid Kit)George Ezra109K
Anyone For YouGeorge Ezra83.4K
SaviourGeorge Ezra64.1K
Cassy O - Live from Spotify, StockholmGeorge Ezra40.9K
I Went HuntingGeorge Ezra52.1K
Listen to the Man - Live from Spotify, StockholmGeorge Ezra43.3K
Angry Hill - Live from Spotify, StockholmGeorge Ezra41.4K
Gold Rush KidGeorge Ezra73K
Shotgun - Acoustic VersionGeorge Ezra37.7K
ManilaGeorge Ezra56.2K
Dont Matter Now - Acoustic VersionGeorge Ezra27.3K
Fell In Love At The End of The WorldGeorge Ezra43.8K
Sweetest Human Being AliveGeorge Ezra40.5K
Me & YouGeorge Ezra35.3K
Hold My Girl - Martin Jensen RemixGeorge Ezra23.4K
Dont Give UpGeorge Ezra30.4K
In The MorningGeorge Ezra28K
Pretty Shining People - Jack Wins RemixGeorge Ezra20K
Paradise - Acoustic VersionGeorge Ezra20.7K
Dance All Over Me - Jax Jones RemixGeorge Ezra13.9K
Green Green Grass - Sam Feldt RemixGeorge Ezra19.2K
Love Somebody ElseGeorge Ezra22.3K
The Sun Went DownGeorge Ezra19.8K
Green Green Grass - Sped-UpGeorge Ezra30.9K
Anyone For You (Tiger Lily) AcousticGeorge Ezra16.4K
Shotgun - KVR RemixGeorge Ezra13.3K
Green Green Grass - Majestic RemixGeorge Ezra9K
Anyone For You - Tiger LilyGeorge Ezra7.2K
Pretty Shining People - HONNE RemixGeorge Ezra9.9K
Come On Home For ChristmasGeorge Ezra8.7K
Over the Creek - EP VersionGeorge Ezra7.7K
Shotgun (Gerd Janson Remix)George Ezra5.3K
Pretty Shining People - Acoustic VersionGeorge Ezra8.6K
Paradise - Bakermat RemixGeorge Ezra6.9K
Green Green Grass - AcousticGeorge Ezra8.2K
Drawing Board (Bossa Nova)George Ezra13.6K
Paradise - AcousticGeorge Ezra4.1K
Dance All Over Me - String VersionGeorge Ezra4.2K
Sweetest Human Being Alive - InstrumentalGeorge Ezra3.1K
Love Somebody Else - String VersionGeorge Ezra3.6K
Dance All Over Me - InstrumentalGeorge Ezra3K
Come On Home For Christmas (Amazon Original)George Ezra5.7K
Shotgun (Acoustic Version)George Ezra6K
(Watching Paint Dry) Song 6George Ezra9.9K
Anyone For You - Nathan Dawe RemixGeorge Ezra3.4K
Dance All Over Me - AcousticGeorge Ezra2.7K
Hold My Girl - Kat Krazy RemixGeorge Ezra3.7K
Cassy OGeorge Ezra5.5K
Budapest (Jack That House Bootleg)George Ezra4.3K
Budapest - A2A RMXGeorge Ezra3.5K
Dance All Over Me - Oden & Fatzo RemixGeorge Ezra1.8K
Party with the Family (Based on original song Me & You performed by George Ezra)George Ezra2.4K
Paradise (Acoustic Version)George Ezra3.1K
Anyone For You - AcousticGeorge Ezra1.5K
I Went Hunting - String VersionGeorge Ezra1.6K
You Dont Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The WarGeorge Ezra5.7K
Shotgun (KVR Remix)George Ezra3.3K
Only a HumanGeorge Ezra3.8K
Budapest - Blondee & hagen RemixGeorge Ezra1.9K
Budapest (Live in London)George Ezra2.2K
Dont matter now (Acoustic Version)George Ezra2.5K
Budapest - Achtabahn RemixGeorge Ezra1.6K
Hold My Girl - Demo VersionGeorge Ezra1.5K
Pretty Shining People (Acoustic Version)George Ezra1.6K
Budapest (Live)George Ezra1.8K
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper cover)George Ezra1.5K
Budapest (Deezer Session)George Ezra1.3K
Hold My Girl (Martin Jensen Remix)George Ezra2.4K
Counting Stars (One Republic Cover)George Ezra1.1K
Budapest (Alternative)George Ezra925
BudapestGeorge Ezra1.6K
Blame It on Me (Deezer Session)George Ezra1.1K
Paradise (Acoustic)George Ezra1.5K
Budapest (Blondee & hagen Remix)George Ezra1.1K
Barcelona (Live in London)George Ezra1.8K
BudapestGeorge Ezra662
Song 6 (Live in London)George Ezra1.5K
Green Green Grass (Acoustic)George Ezra1K
Paradise (Bakermat Remix)George Ezra984
Green Green Grass - Live From Finsbury ParkGeorge Ezra639
Leaving It Up to You (Deezer Session)George Ezra861
Gold Rush Kid - Live From Finsbury ParkGeorge Ezra617
BrokenGeorge Ezra1.2K
Dance All Over Me (String Version)George Ezra1.1K
Did You Hear the Rain? (Live in London)George Ezra1.2K
White Christmas (Recorded at Air Studios, London)George Ezra575
Barcelona (BBC Session)George Ezra460
Did You Hear The Rain? (live demo)George Ezra1.6K
Budapest (NineOne Remix)George Ezra1.2K
Budapest (Live from The BRITs)George Ezra1.4K
Budapest (Live Demo)George Ezra506
Shotgun (The Wild Remix)George Ezra576
Love Is Only A Heartbeat AwayGeorge Ezra1.1K
I Went Hunting (String Version)George Ezra828
Pretty Shining People (Jack Wins Remix)George Ezra789
White ChristmasGeorge Ezra551
Budapest - Live DemoGeorge Ezra468
Anyone For You (Tiger Lily) Live From Finsbury ParkGeorge Ezra457
Cassy O (Radio Edit)George Ezra804
Budapest (A2A RMX)George Ezra591
Love Somebody Else (String Version)George Ezra744
Blame It On Me (Morian Bootleg Remix)George Ezra312
ShotgunGeorge Ezra458
Drawing Board (Bosa Nova)George Ezra788
White Christmas - Recorded at Air Studios, LondonGeorge Ezra340
Hold My Girl (Kat Krazy Remix)George Ezra537
Anyone For You (Tiger Lily) (Acoustic)George Ezra450
Budapest (Creange remix)George Ezra485
Let it SnowGeorge Ezra521
Cassy O´George Ezra1K
Budapest (A2A RMX) Columbia out on iTunes!George Ezra609
Cassy O’George Ezra486
Over the Creek (acousticGeorge Ezra290
Did You Hear The Rain Mahogany IntroducingGeorge Ezra247
Budapest (Achtabahn Remix)George Ezra549
Blame It on Me (w James Corden)George Ezra173
Over the Creek (EP Version)George Ezra421
Budapest (Twopack Edit)George Ezra553
Anyone For You (Acoustic)George Ezra368
Over the Creek (acoustic live)George Ezra1.3K
Girls Just Wanna Have FunGeorge Ezra731
George Ezra - Its Just My SkinGeorge Ezra586
Don’t Matter NowGeorge Ezra483
Green Green Grass (Majestic Remix)George Ezra338
Dance All Over Me (Jax Jones Remix)George Ezra386
Barcelona (Calper Remix)George Ezra374
Shotgun (NOW Whats Next!)George Ezra360
Barcelona (Live from BBC Radio 1s Live Lounge)George Ezra351
Saviour ft. First Aid KitGeorge Ezra367
Dance All Over Me (Acoustic)George Ezra267
You Dont Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War (Mungo Jerry Cover)George Ezra329
Green Green Grass (Sped-Up)George Ezra483
Pretty Shining People (HONNE Remix)George Ezra422
Blame It on Me (Live At The 12 Bar)George Ezra422
Anyone For You (Nathan Dawe Remix)George Ezra297
Cassy OGeorge Ezra1.1K
These Days (Rudimental cover) in the Live LoungeGeorge Ezra220
BreakawayGeorge Ezra172
George Ezra - BudapestGeorge Ezra462
Did You Hear The Rain at Glastonbury 2013George Ezra230
Budapest (Live At The 12 Bar)George Ezra583
Did You Hear the Rain? (Live At The 12 Bar)George Ezra360
Cassy O - Radio EditGeorge Ezra185
Green Green Grass (Sam Feldt Remix)George Ezra622
2. ShotgunGeorge Ezra143
Shotgun (Glastonbury 2019)George Ezra148
Da Vinci Riot PoliceGeorge Ezra146
Girl From The North CountryGeorge Ezra518
ShotgunGeorge Ezra327
Budapest (BBC Introducing in the West Session)George Ezra169
Fell In Love At The End of The WorldGeorge Ezra215
Shotgun (Jesse Bloch Bootleg)George Ezra355
Budapest (Blondee & Hagen Bootleg)George Ezra324
Dont Worry Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin cover) in the Live LoungeGeorge Ezra185
Budapest - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC TwoGeorge Ezra107
Over the Creek (Live in London)George Ezra352
BudapestGeorge Ezra349
Hold My Girl (Demo Version)George Ezra181
Counting StarsGeorge Ezra399
I tryGeorge Ezra692
4. ShotgunGeorge Ezra126
I Try (Macy Gray cover in the Live Lounge)George Ezra161
Budapest (Alternative)George Ezra248