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Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance
1670 songs
shut upGreyson Chance581.6K
Waiting Outside the LinesGreyson Chance275.4K
Unfriend YouGreyson Chance207.9K
PaparazziGreyson Chance99.9K
Dancing Next To MeGreyson Chance153.5K
Good as GoldGreyson Chance100.1K
yoursGreyson Chance163.3K
white rosesGreyson Chance108.6K
SeasonsGreyson Chance77.1K
Sunshine & City LightsGreyson Chance87K
Home Is In Your EyesGreyson Chance65.6K
FireGreyson Chance27.8K
NobodyGreyson Chance69.5K
AfterlifeGreyson Chance60.3K
HoneysuckleGreyson Chance60.4K
Hold On Til The NightGreyson Chance68.9K
black on blackGreyson Chance94K
SummertrainGreyson Chance75.9K
BootsGreyson Chance66.1K
PalladiumGreyson Chance50.7K
HellboyGreyson Chance74.9K
Take A Look At Me NowGreyson Chance47.7K
Holy FeelingGreyson Chance54.3K
CheyenneGreyson Chance51.4K
Hit & RunGreyson Chance45.9K
Heart Like StoneGreyson Chance47.3K
AthleteGreyson Chance58K
Back on the WallGreyson Chance38.5K
Bad To MyselfGreyson Chance45.2K
Little London GirlGreyson Chance34.1K
bleed you stillGreyson Chance58.5K
Twenty OneGreyson Chance42.5K
west texasGreyson Chance51.3K
Homerun HitterGreyson Chance47.4K
timekeeperGreyson Chance49.1K
StrandedGreyson Chance30.2K
No FearGreyson Chance41.6K
lakeshoreGreyson Chance46.3K
MeridiansGreyson Chance27.5K
AthenaGreyson Chance37.1K
8Track - Spotify SinglesGreyson Chance23.7K
seasons nineteenGreyson Chance43.1K
Thrilla in ManilaGreyson Chance28.4K
standGreyson Chance36K
My Dying SpiritGreyson Chance22K
plainsGreyson Chance20.6K
OverlovedGreyson Chance18.6K
LondonGreyson Chance19.1K
Afterlife (Remix by Frank Pole)Greyson Chance9.5K
Low - R3HAB RemixGreyson Chance18.6K
Aloe VeraGreyson Chance17.4K
Afterlife (Frank Pole Remix)Greyson Chance9.8K
Slipping AwayGreyson Chance27.8K
Down & OutGreyson Chance16.8K
More Than MeGreyson Chance19.7K
Hungry EyesGreyson Chance14.8K
Same PeopleGreyson Chance14.5K
O VioletGreyson Chance19.5K
High WaistedGreyson Chance21.4K
HerringboneGreyson Chance7.5K
HandsGreyson Chance17.7K
WatchtowersGreyson Chance10.3K
white roses - acousticGreyson Chance12.1K
ClothesGreyson Chance14.9K
California SkyGreyson Chance11.2K
Mercury YearGreyson Chance12.1K
Black MascaraGreyson Chance10.5K
PallasGreyson Chance8.5K
Dancing Next To Me - AcousticGreyson Chance6.6K
LeilaGreyson Chance9.9K
Good as Gold - Flyboy RemixGreyson Chance6.4K
PanthersGreyson Chance10K
Waiting Outside the Lines (Remix)Greyson Chance5.9K
Hemingway, 74 rue de CardinalGreyson Chance9.4K
You Might Be The OneGreyson Chance9.9K
The Balcony SongGreyson Chance8.5K
Take My HeartGreyson Chance8.2K
Bad To Myself - Slow Magic RemixGreyson Chance4K
Holy Feeling - UnpluggedGreyson Chance4.2K
Light Up the DarkGreyson Chance7.9K
Ill Be Home For ChristmasGreyson Chance2.5K
Honeysuckle - Julian Lamadrid RemixGreyson Chance3K
Running AwayGreyson Chance7.3K
Purple SkyGreyson Chance7K
Hellboy (Fabian Mazur Remix)Greyson Chance2.2K
Broken HeartsGreyson Chance5.7K
Dancing Next To Me - Frank Pole RemixGreyson Chance2.2K
StarsGreyson Chance5.2K
Waiting Outside The Lines - RemixGreyson Chance1.9K
TemptationGreyson Chance3.6K
Honeysuckle (feat. Julian Lamadrid) Julian Lamadrid RemixGreyson Chance2.2K
Hungry Eyes - From Dirty Dancing Television SoundtrackGreyson Chance1.9K
Waiting Outside The Lines (Remix)Greyson Chance727
Afterlife - Frank Pole RemixGreyson Chance1.2K
lightsGreyson Chance1.4K
Dancing Next to Me (Acoustic)Greyson Chance878
Sunshine & City Lights (Jeff Bhasker vs. Tyler Johnson Remix)Greyson Chance1.6K
Dancing Next to Me - Syn Cole RemixGreyson Chance1.1K
Paparazzi (Cover)Greyson Chance2K
Paparazzi (Lady Gaga Cover)Greyson Chance1.5K
Low (R3HAB Remix)Greyson Chance517
Empire State Of MindGreyson Chance969
Sunshine City LightsGreyson Chance895
Paparazzi (Studio version)Greyson Chance654
Greyson Chance Singing PaparazziGreyson Chance301
Holy Feeling (Unplugged)Greyson Chance410
Broken heartGreyson Chance863
Afterlife (Remix by Frank Pole)Greyson Chance223
Paparazzi (Piano version Cover)Greyson Chance515
More Than Me (Over My Head)Greyson Chance340
Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)Greyson Chance123
Dancing Next To Me - AZTX RemixGreyson Chance150
Good as Gold (Flyboy Remix)Greyson Chance224
Waiting Outside The Lines (NOW Whats Next Bonus Track)Greyson Chance192
Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside The LinesGreyson Chance844
Fire (Studio Version)Greyson Chance842
Unfriend YouGreyson Chance572
White Roses (Acoustic)Greyson Chance352
Sunshine and City LightsGreyson Chance78
Broken Hearts (Live at Ellen Show)Greyson Chance470
Hit RunGreyson Chance241
Area Codes: (405) Greyson ChanceGreyson Chance48
Paparazzi (live)Greyson Chance184
AnythingGreyson Chance120
Paparazzi (Live at Edmonds Sixth Grade Festival)Greyson Chance387
Hold on till the nightGreyson Chance186
Waiting Outside the Lines (feat. Charice)Greyson Chance205
Thrilla In ManillaGreyson Chance433
Greyson Chance - Unfriend YouGreyson Chance119
Waiting Outside the Lines (Remix) (feat. Charice)Greyson Chance281
Crazy (Live at MTV Sessions)Greyson Chance137
You and IGreyson Chance174
Broken Hearts (Ellen)Greyson Chance699
Hold On Till The NightGreyson Chance401
Sunshine City LightsGreyson Chance182
Meridians (Live Cut)Greyson Chance124
Waiting Outside the Lines (feat. Charice)Greyson Chance205
Singing PaparazziGreyson Chance154
Purple Sky (Amazon MP3 Bonus Track)Greyson Chance286
Slipping Away (iTunes Bonus Track)Greyson Chance354
Rolling In The DeepGreyson Chance146
Greyson Chance Temptation (The Sundance)Greyson Chance37
Dancing Next To Me (Syn Cole Remix)Greyson Chance78
Holt On Til The NightGreyson Chance117
Earn It - Extended MixGreyson Chance66
Paparazzi (Lady Ga Ga Cover)Greyson Chance77
Empire State of Mind ( Chance370
Honeysuckle (Julian Lamadrid Remix)Greyson Chance125
Afterlife (Live at Henson Studios)Greyson Chance74
Hard To HandleGreyson Chance175
Waiting Outside the LinesGreyson Chance40
Greyson Michael ChancepaparazziGreyson Chance432
I Wanna Be Where You AreGreyson Chance220
shut upGreyson Chance69
Singing StarsGreyson Chance90
Heart Like Stone ( Chance58
Low (Live at Roland Studios)Greyson Chance37
Paparazzi (Lady Gaga Cover Studio Version)Greyson Chance48
05 Heart Like StoneGreyson Chance125
Paparazzi (Piano Cover)Greyson Chance107
Paparazzi (Original)Greyson Chance94
Hit&RunGreyson Chance22
Sunshine & City Lights (studio version)Greyson Chance18
Unfriend You (Behind The Scenes)Greyson Chance17
Paparazzi (Ellen)Greyson Chance226
You and IGreyson Chance101
Dancing Next to Me (Frank Pole Remix)Greyson Chance44
Waiting Outside The Lines (Acoustic Version)Greyson Chance54
Greyson Chance - shut upGreyson Chance27
Unfriend You (Acapella)Greyson Chance28
CrazyGreyson Chance89
LandslideGreyson Chance73
Aloe VeraGreyson Chance26
Greyson Chance Singing StarsGreyson Chance28
07 CheyenneGreyson Chance702
Slipping Away (Bonus Track)Greyson Chance218
I Wanna Be Where You Are (Cover)Greyson Chance103
Summer train ( Chance23
Hit And RunGreyson Chance235
Unfriend You ( Chance313
Human NatureGreyson Chance108
Hold On `Til The NightGreyson Chance90
OceansGreyson Chance65
Sunshine + City LightsGreyson Chance60
Empire State of Mind (Cover)Greyson Chance47
Black MascaraGreyson Chance24
Waiting Outside The Lines (Master)Greyson Chance40
Rockin Around The Christmas TreeGreyson Chance23
Hard To Handle (Raising Hope)Greyson Chance16
02 Unfriend YouGreyson Chance271
Within the LightsGreyson Chance68
Paparazzi (Lady GaGa Cover at Edmonds Sixth Grade Festival)Greyson Chance74
Unfriend you (studio vershion)Greyson Chance44
Dancing Next To Me (Acoustic)Greyson Chance16
ASK:REPLYGreyson Chance15
FireGreyson Chance11
Hold On ‘Til The NightGreyson Chance270
Hold On Til The NightGreyson Chance213