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15096 songs
Wonderful Life (Full Length Version) Hurts 19.9K
Ohne dich Hurts 13.8K
Miracle - BURNS 50Hz Version Hurts 5.1K
Somebody To Die For - Radio Edit Hurts 9.8K
Wonderful Life (Radio Edit - New Version) Hurts 11.1K
Stay (Millions Like Us Remix) Hurts 14.3K
Redemption - Kolya Funk Remix Hurts 7.7K
Live Like Horses Hurts 21.5K
Somebody To Die For - Live from Spotify Stockholm Hurts 6.8K
Sunday - Midland Remix Hurts 3.5K
Wonderful Life - Mantronix Remix Hurts 4K
Unspoken (Fred Falke Remix) Hurts 13.3K
Stay - Groove Armada Remix Hurts 4.8K
Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue cover) Hurts 21.9K
Miracle - Breakages An Inferior Titles Moment Mix Hurts 3.6K
Miracle - Live from Spotify Stockholm Hurts 5.3K
Wonderful Life - Freemasons Extended Mix Hurts 5K
Blind - Live from Spotify Stockholm Hurts 5.2K
All I Have to Give - DITVAK Remix Hurts 4.1K
Miracle - ATATIKAs Miraculous REMIX Hurts 3.3K
Somebody To Die For - Unplugged Hurts 5.5K
Miracle - Kill FM Remix Hurts 3K
Somebody to Die For (Radio Edit) Hurts 9.7K
Wonderful Life (Freemasons Extended Mix) Hurts 7.5K
Wonderful Life (Freemasons Club Mix) Hurts 7K
Blood, Tears Gold Hurts 7.1K
All I Want For Christmas Is New Years Day Hurts 9.7K
Wonderful Life (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Stranger Remix) Hurts 10.5K
Once (Diana Vickers cover) Hurts 18.3K
02 - Wonderful Life Hurts 9.4K
Wonderful Life Hurts 6.2K
Stay (Full Intention Club Mix) Hurts 4.4K
Blood, Tears Hurts 6.7K
Sunday - Glam As You Radio Mix Hurts 2.5K
Wonderful Life Hurts 11.1K
Sunday - Paul van Dyk Remix Hurts 2.3K
Stay - Full Intention Club Mix Hurts 2.2K
Miracle - Jesse Oliver Remix Hurts 3.8K
Sunday - Tom Flynn Remix Hurts 1.8K
01 - Silver Lining Hurts 6.4K
Blood Tears Gold Hurts 9.7K
All I Want For Christmas Is New Year.s Day Hurts 6.4K
Once Hurts 13.1K
Lights (Bakermat Remix) Hurts 5.1K
05 - Stay Hurts 8.7K
Wonderful Life (New Version) Hurts 4.8K
Stay With Me Hurts 3.9K
Better Than Love (Tiefschwarz Mix) Hurts 3.9K
08 - Better Than Love Hurts 7.1K
S.O.S. Hurts 11.9K
Wonderful Life (Freemasons Club Edit) Hurts 7.3K
Better Than Love (Lightsoverla remix) Hurts 6.4K
Jeanny Hurts 4.1K
Some Kind of Heaven - Claptone Remix Hurts 2.8K
Somebody to Die For (Unplugged) Hurts 6.2K
Wonderwall (Oasis cover) Hurts 4.4K
Better Than Love (Burns European Sex Remix) Hurts 3.8K
09 - Devotion Hurts 5.3K
Rolling Stone - Niklas Ibach Remix Hurts 2.8K
Exile - Freemasons Club Mix Hurts 2.6K
Better Than Love (Italoconnection Remix) Hurts 6.1K
10 - Unspoken Hurts 4.8K
Blind - Jan Driver Remix Hurts 1.7K
Wonderful Life (Lexy Remix) Hurts 2.8K
Devotion Featuring Kylie Minogue Hurts 8.6K
Unknow zero distance Hurts 3.9K
Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars cover) Hurts 4.5K
Blind - Directors Cut (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper) Classic Extended Mix Hurts 1.6K
11 - The Water Hurts 3.8K
Beautiful Ones (Acoustic) Hurts 3.3K
Miracle (BURNS 50Hz Version) Hurts 3.6K
Some Kind Of Heaven - Thin White Duke Remix Hurts 2.4K
Wonderful Life Hurts 3.4K
Somebody To Die For - Franz Novotny Remix Hurts 1.5K
Sunday (Paul van Dyk Remix) Hurts 3.9K
dont let go never give up Hurts 6K
Sunday (Glam As You Radio Mix) Hurts 3.7K
Better Than Love (Freemasons Pegasus Mix Radio Edit) Hurts 3.8K
Rolling Stоnе Hurts 3K
Wonderful Life - (Radio Edit) Hurts 2.1K
Sunday (Midland Remix) Hurts 2.6K
Some Kind of Heaven - LXR Remix Hurts 1.3K
Sunday (Tom Flynn Remix) Hurts 2.4K
Devotion (featuring Kylie Minogue) Hurts 4K
Wonderful Life - Live DELUXE MUSIC SESSION Hurts 1.7K
Wonderful Life Hurts 2.6K
Exile (Freemasons Club Mix) Hurts 3.3K
Hurts vs. Delphic - Wonderful Life Submission (ZiLioNAuT mash-up) Hurts 2.9K
Better Than Love (Original) Hurts 2.7K
Miracle (Burns 50 Hz Version) Hurts 3.8K
Ready to Go - Live DELUXE MUSIC SESSION Hurts 1.7K
Anti Hero Hurts 2.1K
Blind (Jan Driver Remix) Hurts 2.1K
sick baby Hurts 3.5K
Beautiful Ones - Live DELUXE MUSIC SESSION Hurts 1.4K
Hurts Hurts 3.5K
Stay (Groove Armada Remix - Radio Edit) Hurts 2K
smells like love Hurts 5.9K
HURTS - Wonderful Life Hurts 4.4K
Stay (Temper Trap remix) Hurts 2.5K