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Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker
265 songs
I Look So Good (Without You)Jessie James Decker25.1K
Should Have Known BetterJessie James Decker32.1K
Lights Down LowJessie James Decker17.6K
Almost Over YouJessie James Decker13.6K
Almost Over You (feat. Randy Houser)Jessie James Decker14K
Baby! Its ChristmasJessie James Decker9.9K
I Still Love YouJessie James Decker8K
Southern Girl City LightsJessie James Decker5.8K
WantedJessie James Decker8.5K
Ill Chase The SkyJessie James Decker9.2K
Santa Claus Is Coming To TownJessie James Decker2.5K
Roots And WingsJessie James Decker3.9K
Old Town Road (Jessie James Decker Version)Jessie James Decker4.6K
Clint EastwoodJessie James Decker4.1K
Shoot Out the LightsJessie James Decker3.6K
Christmas Every DayJessie James Decker1.5K
Pretty GirlJessie James Decker3.3K
Flip My HairJessie James Decker3.8K
Hold a CandleJessie James Decker2.9K
GoldJessie James Decker2.5K
Its the Most Wonderful Time of the YearJessie James Decker1.6K
I DoJessie James Decker4K
All Filled UpJessie James Decker3.1K
Not In Love With YouJessie James Decker3.8K
Coming HomeJessie James Decker5.1K
The Woman Ive BecomeJessie James Decker1.9K
Girl On the CoastJessie James Decker2.6K
Blue JeansJessie James Decker2.1K
Fall in LoveJessie James Decker2.6K
HungryJessie James Decker2.6K
Breaking Your HeartJessie James Decker3.8K
Another Dumb Love SongJessie James Decker2.4K
Rain On The Roof Of This CarJessie James Decker3.7K
Girls NightJessie James Decker2K
Open All NightJessie James Decker2.2K
This ChristmasJessie James Decker1.1K
BulletJessie James Decker2.2K
Do YouJessie James Decker2.5K
Boys In The SummerJessie James Decker2.1K
DiaryJessie James Decker1.9K
Girl Like MeJessie James Decker1.6K
Use Your WordsJessie James Decker2.4K
BootsJessie James Decker1.5K
Grow Young With YouJessie James Decker982
Too Young to KnowJessie James Decker1.7K
My CowboyJessie James Decker1.3K
Mama Wrote You A LullabyJessie James Decker1.2K
My Favorite HolidayJessie James Decker816
Tell You EnoughJessie James Decker1.1K
I Still Love You (with Billy Currington)Jessie James Decker433
Baby Its Cold Outside (feat. Eric Decker)Jessie James Decker653
My Santa ClausJessie James Decker757
Burnin BridgesJessie James Decker1K
Breath of Heaven (Marys Song)Jessie James Decker919
Psycho GirlfriendJessie James Decker1K
Youre Still the One - LiveJessie James Decker828
Girl Next DoorJessie James Decker1.1K
Do You Hear What I Hear?Jessie James Decker405
Burn It UpJessie James Decker750
InevitableJessie James Decker968
GuiltyJessie James Decker953
Big MouthJessie James Decker871
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)Jessie James Decker388
Should Have Known Better - Dave Aude RemixJessie James Decker698
I Need A ManJessie James Decker1.1K
Blue Aint Your Color - LiveJessie James Decker509
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasJessie James Decker320
Love On the Brain - LiveJessie James Decker472
Santa BabyJessie James Decker321
Dance With Someone ElseJessie James Decker823
Girls Like To DanceJessie James Decker483
All I Want for Christmas Is YouJessie James Decker408
Rockin Around the Christmas TreeJessie James Decker283
Welcome to the Party (The Beach Life)Jessie James Decker480
When You Say My NameJessie James Decker742
Military ManJessie James Decker746
Whos Lovin You - LiveJessie James Decker359
Ill Be Home for ChristmasJessie James Decker224
SnowlightJessie James Decker411
Baby Its Cold Outside (feat. Joe Nichols)Jessie James Decker215
Should Have Known Better - AcousticJessie James Decker204
Christmas In CaboJessie James Decker248
Wonderful DayJessie James Decker295
Girl On the Coast - LiveJessie James Decker135
Almost Over You - Jessie James Decker feat. Randy HouserJessie James Decker208
Love On the Brain (Live)Jessie James Decker115
Youre Still the One (Live)Jessie James Decker69
Should Have Known Better (Dave Aude Remix)Jessie James Decker101
Love On the BrainJessie James Decker50
Blue Aint Your Color (Live)Jessie James Decker46
AnnisetteJessie James Decker19
Whos Lovin You (Live)Jessie James Decker58
Girl On the Coast (Live)Jessie James Decker25
Should Have Known Better (Acoustic)Jessie James Decker20
Blue Aint Your ColorJessie James Decker66
Youre Still the OneJessie James Decker21
Lights Down Low (Radio Edit)Jessie James Decker14
Love On The Brain (Live from Blackbird Studios)Jessie James Decker9
Whos Lovin YouJessie James Decker24
StoryJessie James Decker138
Wanted - Jason Nevins ExtendedJessie James Decker18
Dear JohnJessie James Decker85
Baby Its ChristmasJessie James Decker28
Wanted - Wideboys Full ClubJessie James Decker13
Like a ShadowJessie James Decker15
Old Town RoadJessie James Decker11
MichaelJessie James Decker9
Baby Its Cold OutsideJessie James Decker7
Wanted - Jason Phats Vocal MixJessie James Decker5
Not In Love With YouJessie James Decker4
Wanted - Jason Phats Bootleg Vocal MixJessie James Decker17
FearlessJessie James Decker15
Wanted - Wideboys DubJessie James Decker10
Watching and WaitingJessie James Decker12
GypsyJessie James Decker10
Breakin My FallJessie James Decker9
Hard to loveJessie James Decker5
Bright LightJessie James Decker4
I’ll Chase the SkyJessie James Decker3
The Christmas SongJessie James Decker3
I Still Love You (feat. Billy Currington)Jessie James Decker45
Almost Over You (featuring Randy Houser)Jessie James Decker18
When He Turns His Love On MeJessie James Decker22
School GirlJessie James Decker20
I Look So Good Without YouJessie James Decker17
Comin HomeJessie James Decker14
I Do ( James Decker9
3200 MilesJessie James Decker7
You’re Still the OneJessie James Decker6
Blue Ain’t Your ColorJessie James Decker6
01. Baby! Its ChristmasJessie James Decker5
DifferentlyJessie James Decker5
Jessie James Decker - Should Have Known BetterJessie James Decker3
I Do (Bonus Track)Jessie James Decker4
This Christmas ( James Decker4
Wanted - Jason Phats Dub MixJessie James Decker3
Why Do We FightJessie James Decker3
FinallyJessie James Decker3
Cry Myself to SleepJessie James Decker3
Nothing More to SayJessie James Decker3
Jessie James - I Look So Good (Without You)Jessie James Decker2
Love Is AlrightJessie James Decker2
Youre Still the One (Live from Blackbird Studios)Jessie James Decker2
Lights Down Low - Jessie James DeckerJessie James Decker2
Comin HomeJessie James Decker2
Gold (Live from Blackbird Studios)Jessie James Decker141
Howlin (feat. Jessie James Decker)Jessie James Decker71
LULULULUVE MEJessie James Decker65
BullettJessie James Decker30
Girl on the Coast - Jessie James DeckerJessie James Decker34
80. Jessie James Decker - Breaking Your HeartJessie James Decker22
Lights-Down-LowJessie James Decker22
Guilty (Live)Jessie James Decker12
Girl Next Door (feat. Katy Perry)Jessie James Decker11
Man! I Feel Like a WomanJessie James Decker11
When You Say My Name (Acoustic)Jessie James Decker10
‎GoldJessie James Decker7
Almost Over You (feat Randy Houser)Jessie James Decker7
Jessie James Decker Santa Claus Is Coming to TownJessie James Decker5
Newnan HighJessie James Decker7
‎Use Your WordsJessie James Decker5
Do You Talk About Me (Demo)Jessie James Decker4
LiarJessie James Decker4
Theres Nothing More To SayJessie James Decker5
04. Howlin (feat. Jessie James Decker)Jessie James Decker4
Baby! Its Christmas (New Version)Jessie James Decker3
Why Cant IJessie James Decker4
Jessie James Decker - Love On The Brain (Live from Blackbird Studios)Jessie James Decker3
01. I DoJessie James Decker3
Another Dumb Love StoryJessie James Decker3
Psycho Girlfriend (Hit Remix)Jessie James Decker3
Lights Down Low ( James Decker3
Hurry Up JohnnyJessie James Decker3
303. Should Have Known BetterJessie James Decker2
The Christmas SongJessie James Decker2
‎Santa Claus Is Coming To TownJessie James Decker2
Jessie James - When You Say My NameJessie James Decker2
Shoot Out The LightJessie James Decker2
Lights Down Low (Single Version)Jessie James Decker2
Baby! It`s ChristmasJessie James Decker2
feat. Eric Decker - Baby, Its Cold OutsideJessie James Decker2
feat. Joe Nichols - Baby, Its Cold OutsideJessie James Decker2
All I Want For Christmas (Is You)Jessie James Decker2
Southern Girl, City LightsJessie James Decker2
Have Yourself A Merry, Little ChristmasJessie James Decker2
Whos Lovin You?Jessie James Decker2
Almost Over You feat. Randy HouserJessie James Decker2
84693Jessie James Decker2
Flip My LoveJessie James Decker2
Love MeJessie James Decker2
Lights Down Low (2015)Jessie James Decker2
I Make My Own SunshineJessie James Decker2
Youre PerfectJessie James Decker1
285. Should Have Known BetterJessie James Decker1
369. Should Have Known BetterJessie James Decker1
Ill Chase The Sky (from My Little Pony: The Movie)Jessie James Decker1
115. Should Have Known BetterJessie James Decker1
Fully LoadedJessie James Decker1