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5027 songs
Settle Down Kimbra 1.2M
Cameo Lover Kimbra 834.1K
Good Intent Kimbra 522.7K
Two Way Street Kimbra 476.7K
Old Flame Kimbra 298.8K
Limbo Kimbra 205.2K
90s Music Kimbra 227.1K
Come into My Head Kimbra 239.6K
Something in the Way You Are Kimbra 193.7K
The Build Up Kimbra 185.8K
Plain Gold Ring Kimbra 195.5K
Top of the World Kimbra 244.1K
Everybody Knows Kimbra 186.3K
Call Me Kimbra 194.3K
Sally I Can See You Kimbra 131K
Miracle Kimbra 167.9K
Goldmine Kimbra 147.2K
Past Love Kimbra 150.6K
Posse Kimbra 126K
Wandering Limbs Kimbra 133.3K
Warrior - Bonus Track Kimbra 99.5K
Witraw Kimbra 141.9K
Home Kimbra 98.1K
Teen Heat Kimbra 110.9K
Carolina Kimbra 111.4K
As You Are Kimbra 90.1K
Human Kimbra 135.8K
Warrior Kimbra 106.9K
Plain Gold Ring - Live Kimbra 62K
The Good War Kimbra 91.8K
Like They Do On the TV Kimbra 112K
Rescue Him Kimbra 80.5K
Love in High Places Kimbra 86.6K
Nobody but You Kimbra 89.3K
Madhouse Kimbra 77.8K
Version of Me Kimbra 91.3K
Recovery Kimbra 78.9K
Cameo Lover - Sam Sparro & Golden Touch Remix Kimbra 34.7K
Lightyears Kimbra 89.6K
Waltz Me To The Grave Kimbra 50.3K
Black Sky Kimbra 73.1K
Plain Gold Ring - Live At Sing Sing Kimbra 30.9K
Sweet Relief Kimbra 63.4K
Everlovin Ya (feat. Bilal) Kimbra 44.5K
Right Direction Kimbra 60.2K
Plain Gold Ring (Live) Kimbra 55K
Real Life Kimbra 42.9K
Warrior (Bonus Track) Kimbra 60.9K
Call Me - Deluxe Bonus Track Kimbra 28.8K
Relative Peace - Oban Rework Kimbra 23.3K
Limbo - Deluxe Bonus Track Kimbra 18.5K
With My Hands Kimbra 21K
Two Way Street - Aeroplane Remix Kimbra 23.7K
Two Way Street (Aeroplane Remix) Kimbra 24.7K
Hi Def Distance Romance - Reimagined Kimbra 24.9K
Lightyears - Chris Tabron Mix Kimbra 15.8K
Two Way Street - Damian Taylor Remix Kimbra 9.7K
Cameo Lover (Sam Sparro & Golden Touch Remix) Kimbra 14.4K
Call Me (Bonus Track) Kimbra 19.2K
Old Flame - Claude VonStroke Remix Kimbra 6.9K
Come Into My Head - M-Phazes Remix Kimbra 8.9K
Plain Gold Ring (Live At Sing Sing) Kimbra 11.6K
Plain Gold Ring (Bonus Track) Kimbra 13.2K
Top of the World (feat. Snoop Dogg) Kimbra 12.6K
Limbo (Bonus Track) Kimbra 13.3K
Settle Down - Justin Warfield Remix Kimbra 5.8K
Plain Gold Ring - Blue Sky Black Death Remix Kimbra 6.9K
The Good War - Reimagined Kimbra 9.6K
Black Sky - Reimagined Kimbra 13K
Posse - Brass Knuckles Remix Kimbra 6.1K
Cameo Lover (Shook Remix) Kimbra 15.2K
I Look to You (feat. Kimbra) Franc Moody Remix Kimbra 7.2K
Sugar Lies - Bonus Track Kimbra 7.9K
Slum Love - Bonus Track Kimbra 7.5K
The Magic Hour - Bonus Track Kimbra 6.4K
Sugar Lies Kimbra 11.4K
Settle Down (M-Phazes Remix) Kimbra 10.4K
Slum Love Kimbra 10.6K
Warrior - Moonlight Matters Remix Kimbra 4.7K
The Magic Hour Kimbra 9.5K
Sugar Lies (Bonus Track) Kimbra 9.2K
Slum Love (Bonus Track) Kimbra 8.5K
Everlovin Ya Kimbra 10.2K
Settle Down - New Mix Kimbra 7.9K
The Magic Hour (Bonus Track) Kimbra 8.3K
Settle Down (Penguin Prison Remix) Kimbra 8.9K
Settle Down (Polaris At Noon Remix) Kimbra 5.5K
Somebody Please (Hidden Track) Kimbra 7.1K
Warrior (feat. Mark Foster & A-Trak) Kimbra 15.6K
Everybody Knows - Reimagined Kimbra 5.5K
90s Music - DJ Shadow x Salva Remix Kimbra 4.1K
Everybody Knows - Apothek Rework Kimbra 3K
Somebody That I Used To Know Kimbra 5.9K
Call Me (Deluxe Bonus Track) Kimbra 4.4K
Two Weeks + Head Over Heels (Grizzly Bear + Tears For Fears mashup) Kimbra 3.5K
90s Music - M-Phazes Remix Kimbra 7.2K
Settle Down (Feature Cuts Remix) Kimbra 3.3K
Limbo (Deluxe Bonus Track) Kimbra 3.4K
Cameo Lover (Electric Empire Remix) Kimbra 5.4K
Cameo Lover (Live at Sing Sing Studios) Kimbra 9.5K
Cameo Lover (GLOVES Remix) Kimbra 4.1K
Somebody Please - Hidden Track Kimbra 2.4K
Plain Gold Ring (Live at Sing Sing Studios) Kimbra 6.8K
Simply On My Lips Kimbra 6.4K
Two Way Street (Live at Sing Sing Studios) Kimbra 7.4K
Build Up (George Fitzgerald remix) Kimbra 3.1K
Good Intent (Live at Sing Sing Studios) Kimbra 5.5K
Somebody Please Kimbra 5.1K
Come Into My Head (Opiuo Remix) Kimbra 2.5K
Black Sky (Reimagined) Kimbra 2.3K
Settle Down (live At Sing Sing Studios) Kimbra 4.6K
Settle Down (Live SXSW 2012 - Spotify Sessions) Kimbra 2.1K
Settle Down (Brenmar remix) Kimbra 2.1K
Two Way Street - Edit Kimbra 1.2K
Two Way Street (Beni Remix) Kimbra 1.5K
Hi Def Distance Romance (reimagined) Kimbra 2.9K
Settle Down (US Version) Kimbra 2.1K
The Good War (Reimagined) Kimbra 1.7K
Miracle (Bag Raiders Remix) Kimbra 1.3K
Two Way Street (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix) Kimbra 1.8K
Two Weeks Head Over Heels Kimbra 1.3K
Everlovin Ya Kimbra 2.1K
90s Music (M-Phazes Remix) Kimbra 1.7K
90s Music (DJ Shadow x Salva Remix) Kimbra 1.3K
Warrior Kimbra 2.1K
New York Drill Kimbra 700
Cameo Lover (Owsey remix) Kimbra 1.6K
It Takes Time Kimbra 977
Posse (Brass Knuckles Remix) Kimbra 2K
I’m Wishing Kimbra 1.5K
Everlovin Ya Kimbra 2.2K
Kimbra - Cameo Lover Kimbra 2.9K
Everybody Knows (Reimagined) Kimbra 1.1K
Kimbra - Settle Down Kimbra 1.2K
Two WeeksHead Over Heels Kimbra 3K
Lightyears (Chris Tabron Mix) Kimbra 1.9K
Two Way Street (Damian Taylor Remix) Kimbra 1.7K
Two Way Street (Live at Sing Sing) Kimbra 2.7K
Come Into My Head (M-Phazes Remix) Kimbra 1.7K
90s Music - Single Version Kimbra 1K
Warrior Ft. Mark Foster & Dj A-Trak Kimbra 2.5K
Hi Def Distance Romance Kimbra 3.8K
Settle Down (Justin Warfield Remix) Kimbra 1.2K
Deep For You Kimbra 1.3K
Everybody Knows (Apothek Rework) Kimbra 499
Two Way Street - Damian Taylor Remix Kimbra 437
Plain Gold Ring (Blue Sky Black Death Remix) Kimbra 1.4K
Old Flame (Claude VonStroke Remix) Kimbra 1.2K
Settle Down (Benjamin Damage remix) Kimbra 614
Full Performance (Live on KEXP) Kimbra 311
Wandering Limbs (feat. Sam Lawrence) Kimbra 1.3K
Settle Down Kimbra 610
Warrior (Moonlight Matters Remix) Kimbra 1.2K
Settle Down (Hot Young Girls Wind it Down Remix) Kimbra 975
Settle Down (Paul Dey Remix) Kimbra 594
Two Weeks Head Over Heels (Mashup of Grizzly Bear and Tears For Fears) Kimbra 723
Settle Down (Sweater Beats Redux) Kimbra 492
Settle Down (Phil tan Mix) Kimbra 479
Settle Down (TYR & Rodway Remix) Kimbra 560
Warrior Kimbra 1.5K
Two Way Street (PatrickReza remix) Kimbra 710
Posse (Ghosts Of Venice Remix) Kimbra 583
Cameo Lover (Vimeo Lossless Rip) Kimbra 848
Miracle (ROOM8 Remix) Kimbra 274
Two Weeks and Head Over Heels (Mashup) Kimbra 1.4K
Settle Down (Henry Krinkles Lush Haus Mix) Kimbra 463
Settle Down (New Mix) Kimbra 374
Settle Down (Penguin Prison re Kimbra 563
Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix) Kimbra 288
Cameo Lover (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix) Kimbra 254
Cameo Lover Kimbra 327
Settle Down (Music ) Kimbra 452
Everlovin Ya (Featuring Bilal) Kimbra 810
Settle Down (Chromatic Remix) Kimbra 575
Settle Down (Kodak to Graph Remix) Kimbra 424
plain Gold Ring (live At Sing Sing Studios) Kimbra 591
Precious Lord, Take My Hand Kimbra 740
Two Weeks & Head Over Heels (Mashup) Kimbra 692
The Build Up (George Fitzgerald remix) Kimbra 300
Plain Gold Ring (Live On KEXP) Kimbra 275
Settle Down (Live Sing Sing) Kimbra 983
Settle Down (Maestro Remix) Kimbra 455
Somebody That I Used To Know (Tiesto Remix) Kimbra 465
90s Music (Client Liaison Re-Work) Kimbra 439
Whats in My Bag? Kimbra 168
Settle Down (Penguin Prison) Kimbra 415
Two Weeks Head Over Heels Kimbra 484
Settle Down (Kreaps Jazzology Mix) Kimbra 218
Slum Love - Commentary Kimbra 150
Sugar Lies - Commentary Kimbra 132
Settle Down (P A T H Remix) Kimbra 227
So Real (Jeff Buckley Cover) Kimbra 204
Gotye Kimbra 170
The Magic Hour - Commentary Kimbra 187
Settle Down (Hot Young Girls Wind It Dow... Kimbra 200
Settle Down Kimbra 199
Relative Peace Kimbra 431
Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix) Kimbra 152
Im Wishing Kimbra 1.3K
Warrior (feat. Mark Foster and A-Trak) Kimbra 1.4K