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9763 songs
Africa (Metal Cover) Leo 78.3K
Feel Good Inc. (Metal Cover) Leo 54.6K
Hello (Metal Cover) Leo 52K
Dance Monkey (Metal Version) Leo 56.8K
Sultans of Swing (Metal Version) Leo 40.7K
Slater Leo 57.4K
Toss a Coin to Your Witcher (Metal Version) Leo 39.5K
Touch & Sketch Leo 38.5K
WAP (Metal Version) Leo 20.7K
Romanticism Leo 35.5K
Despacito (Metal Version) Leo 20.2K
Let It Go - Metal Cover Leo 16.7K
Zombie (Metal Cover) Leo 22.8K
All the Things She Said (Metal Version) Leo 44.7K
Burn the Witch - Metal Version Leo 12.1K
Bad Guy (Metal Version) Leo 19K
Believer - Metal Version Leo 16.4K
Rolling In The Deep - Metal Cover Leo 15.8K
Gangsta´s Paradise - Metal Cover Leo 15.3K
Baby Shark (Metal Version) Leo 11.4K
Poker Face - Metal Cover Leo 13.1K
Take On Me - Metal Cover Leo 13.1K
Chandelier - Metal Cover Leo 14.6K
Uptown Funk - Metal Cover Leo 11.9K
Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Leo 15.4K
Bad Romance - Metal Cover Leo 11.9K
Shake It Off - Metal Cover Leo 11.2K
Beat It - Metal Cover Leo 11.4K
Californication (Metal Version) Leo 10.8K
Dark Horse - Metal Cover Leo 11K
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) Leo 13.2K
Barbie Girl (Metal Cover) Leo 11.2K
Heathens (Metal Cover) Leo 15.6K
Song 2 (Metal Cover) Leo 10.8K
The House of the Rising Sun (Metal Version) Leo 11.3K
Wellerman (Metal Version) Leo 10.3K
Take Me to Church (Metal Cover) Leo 12.8K
Scatman - Metal Cover Leo 9.4K
Hold the Line (Metal Version) Leo 11.5K
Hakuna Matata (Metal Cover) Leo 9.4K
Pokemon Theme (Metal Version) Leo 12.3K
I Fink U Freeky - Metal Version Leo 10.8K
Stressed Out (Metal Cover) Leo 14.2K
Radioactive (Metal Cover) Leo 10.9K
Toxic (Metal Version) Leo 10.7K
The Bad Touch (Metal Version) Leo 10.4K
Baby One More Time - Metal Cover Leo 8.2K
Breathe - Metal Version Leo 9K
Livin´ La Vida Loca - Metal Cover Leo 10K
Titanium - Metal Cover Leo 9.7K
Shape of You (Metal Cover) Leo 10.7K
Ice Ice Baby - Metal Cover Leo 7K
Thunderstruck (Metal Version) Leo 8.5K
Paint It Black (Metal Version) Leo 8.7K
(Don´t Fear) The Reaper (Metal Cover) Leo 8.6K
Im Still Here Leo 18.4K
Get Lucky (Metal Cover) Leo 9.1K
Sharp Dressed Man - Metal Cover Leo 6.7K
Take Me Home, Country Roads (Metal Version) Leo 10.8K
Stay - Metal Cover Leo 6.8K
White Wedding - Metal Version Leo 7.7K
Push It - Metal Cover Leo 7.2K
Gangnam Style (Metal Cover) Leo 8.3K
Roar - Metal Cover Leo 7.4K
Turn Down for What (Metal Version) Leo 8.7K
Another One Bites the Dust (Metal Version) Leo 8.7K
Last Christmas (Metal Cover) Leo 8.2K
Ex´s & Oh´s (Metal Cover) Leo 9.5K
Try - Metal Cover Leo 9.4K
Mambo No. 5 - Metal Cover Leo 7.9K
Blinding Lights (Metal Version) Leo 10.6K
Heavy Leo 6.6K
The Ballroom Blitz (Metal Version) Leo 7.8K
Losing My Religion (Metal Cover) Leo 9.9K
Listen to Your Heart (Metal Version) Leo 11.7K
Like A Virgin - Metal Cover Leo 6.4K
Firework (Metal Cover) Leo 7.9K
Down Under (Metal Version) Leo 7.6K
Johnny B. Goode (Metal Cover) Leo 9K
Bitter Sweet Symphony (Metal Version) Leo 8.9K
Where Is My Mind? (Metal Version) Leo 5K
Fatty Boom Boom - Metal Cover Leo 6.6K
Carry On Wayward Son (Metal Version) Leo 8.2K
No Limit - Metal Cover Leo 5.9K
Macarena - Metal Cover Leo 6.3K
Bang Bang - Metal Cover Leo 5.6K
This Is America (Metal Version) Leo 5.4K
Stayin´ Alive - Metal Cover Leo 6.2K
Party Rock Anthem (Metal Version) Leo 7.1K
Mamma Mia (Metal Cover) Leo 7.3K
Ace of Spades (Metal Cover) Leo 6.5K
Anaconda - Metal Cover Leo 7.4K
Baby - Metal Cover Leo 5.3K
Narcotic (Metal Version) Leo 6.9K
Respect - Metal Cover Leo 5.1K
California Dreamin´ (Metal Cover) Leo 6.7K
Wannabe (Metal Cover) Leo 6K
Call Me Maybe (Metal Cover) Leo 6.8K
Baby´s On Fire (Metal Version) Leo 7.6K
Somebody That I Used To Know (Metal Cover) Leo 7.4K
Bad (Metal Cover) Leo 5.8K
Royals (Metal Cover) Leo 6.4K
Havana (Metal Version) Leo 6.7K
Smooth Criminal (Metal Version) Leo 7.3K
Maria Magdalena - Metal Version Leo 5.9K
Ghostbusters - Metal Cover Leo 6.9K
Jolene (Metal Version) Leo 8.1K
Eye of the Tiger (Feat. Rob Lundgren) Leo 8K
U cant´t Touch This - Metal Cover Leo 5.4K
Wrecking Ball (Metal Cover) Leo 7.1K
In My Place (Metal Version) Leo 7.5K
Lose Yourself (Metal Version) Leo 8.1K
The Simpsons Theme (Metal Cover) Leo 4.7K
Lips Are Movin - Metal Cover Leo 5.3K
Everything Is Awesome (Metal Cover) Leo 5.3K
Paparazzi (Metal Cover) Leo 6.5K
The Final Countdown - Metal Version Leo 6.5K
Never gonna Give You Up - Metal Cover Leo 5.3K
All That She Wants - Metal Version Leo 7.8K
Moves Like Jagger (Metal Cover) Leo 5.8K
Zombie (Metal Cover) Leo 9.3K
Born To Be Wild (Metal Version) Leo 5.9K
99 Luftballons (Metal Version) Leo 6.2K
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Metal Cover Leo 6.7K
Hotline Bling (Metal Cover) Leo 5.1K
Kaikki mita rakastin Leo 11.2K
Cotton Eye Joe (Metal Cover) Leo 7.2K
Black Night - Metal Cover Leo 5K
Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Metal Cover) Leo 5.8K
White Christmas - Metal Cover Leo 5.1K
Fortunate Son (Metal Version) Leo 4.9K
Cheap Thrills (Metal Cover) Leo 5.6K
Aerials (Acoustic Cover) Leo 5.8K
Duality (Acoustic Cover) Leo 6K
Born This Way (Metal Version) Leo 6.5K
Careless Whisper (Metal Version) Leo 5.5K
In The Shadows (Metal Version) Leo 5.4K
Stitches (Metal Cover) Leo 5.4K
Rock Me Amadeus (Metal Version) Leo 5K
Vertigo (Metal Cover) Leo 5.2K
Money for Nothing (Metal Version) Leo 5.1K
SpongeBob Theme Song (Metal Version) Leo 4.1K
Holding Out for a Hero (Metal Version) Leo 3.8K
Thunder (Metal Version) Leo 4.4K
Genie in a Bottle (Metal Cover) Leo 7.2K
Mama - Metal Version Leo 3.5K
What A Wonderful World (Cover) Leo 4.2K
Jump (Metal Version) Leo 4.7K
What´s Up? (Metal Version) Leo 5.2K
Game of Thrones Theme (Metal Version) Leo 4K
The Power of Love - Metal Cover Leo 4.4K
Thriller (Metal Version) Leo 4.9K
Informer (Metal Cover) Leo 5.1K
Livin´On A Prayer (Metal Version) Leo 5.4K
Sorry (Metal Cover) Leo 4.7K
Kiss from a Rose (Metal Cover) Leo 5.3K
Old Town Road (Metal Version) Leo 4.9K
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Metal Version) Leo 13K
The Wheels On The Bus (Metal Cover) Leo 5.1K
True Survivor - Metal Cover Leo 4.6K
Sober (Acoustic) Leo 6.3K
Killing In the Name (Metal Cover) Leo 5.4K
American Idiot (Metal Version) Leo 4.6K
Hey Ya! (Metal Version) Leo 5K
Dancing Queen (Metal Cover) Leo 4.4K
Smack My Bitch Up (Metal Version) Leo 4.6K
The Look (Metal Version) Leo 4.3K
The Pink Panther Theme - Metal Version Leo 3.9K
U Can´t Touch This - Metal Cover Leo 4.3K
Im Still Standing - Metal Version Leo 5K
I Believe I Can Fly Leo 4.1K
The Muppet Show Theme (Metal Version) Leo 3.8K
Girl You Know It´s True (Metal Cover) Leo 3.9K
Like a Prayer (Metal Cover) Leo 4.4K
Jump Around (Metal Cover) Leo 3.9K
Here Comes the Sun (Metal Version) Leo 3.6K
Elastic Heart - Metal Cover Leo 5.1K
Billie Jean (Metal Version) Leo 3.8K
Sing - Metal Cover Leo 3.6K
It´s the End of the World as We Know It - Metal Version Leo 4K
Moves like Jagger - Metal Cover Leo 4.6K
No Scrubs (Metal Version) Leo 4.3K
No Diggity (Metal Version) Leo 4.6K
Halo (Metal Cover) Leo 4.7K
People Are Strange Leo 4K
Eye of the Tiger (Metal Cover) Leo 5.9K
All About That Bass - Metal Cover Leo 4.4K
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Metal Cover) Leo 3.8K
The Power of Love (Metal Cover) Leo 4K
Should I Stay or Should I Go (Metal Version) Leo 4K
Doctor Jones (Metal Version) Leo 3.7K
Closer (Metal Cover) Leo 4.2K
Hollaback Girl (Metal Version) Leo 3.6K
Ill Be There for You (Theme From Friends) Leo 3.8K
Cant Stop the Feeling (Metal Cover) Leo 3.4K
Umbrella - Metal Version Leo 4.3K
Danger Zone (Feat. Eric Calderone) Leo 5K
Sk8er Boi (Metal Version) Leo 3.5K
All About That Bass - (Metal Cover) Leo 3.9K
Free Tempo Leo 10.3K