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Local Natives

Local Natives
5187 songs
I Keep Forgettin (Every Time Youre Near)Local Natives9.1K
Im Not In LoveLocal Natives7.5K
Breakers (Superhumanoid remix)Local Natives6.4K
Eyes Wide (Fools Gold REMIX)Local Natives14.8K
Wide Eyes (Suckers Remix)Local Natives10.6K
Just Before The Morning - Danny L Harle RemixLocal Natives4.4K
Heavy Feet (FRYARS Remix)Local Natives4.4K
11-11 (Bonus Track)Local Natives11.3K
Camera Talk (KEXP Session)Local Natives10.1K
PALMS (Bonus Track)Local Natives12.2K
Cafe Amarillo - Jonathan Wilson RemixLocal Natives4.3K
You ILocal Natives7.8K
Who Knows, Who Cares (The Botaniks Remix)Local Natives6.8K
Ultralight Beam - Recorded At Spotify Studios NYCLocal Natives4K
Dark Days (Classixx Remix)Local Natives8.2K
Sun Hands (KEXP Session)Local Natives9.2K
Munich II - Karriem Riggins RemixLocal Natives3.5K
Only Son (B-Side)Local Natives11.4K
Who Knows Who Cares (Wax Nostalgic Mix)Local Natives6.4K
Ceilings (Kasbo Remix)Local Natives5.9K
Fountain of Youth (30 Days, 30 Songs)Local Natives3.2K
Warning Sign (Talking Heads Cover)Local Natives7.9K
CarefulLocal Natives7.8K
Dark Days (feat. Sylvan Esso)Local Natives6K
World News (live)Local Natives6.7K
Shy - Dot Da Genius RemixLocal Natives3.2K
LemonLocal Natives3.8K
Who Knows, Who CaresLocal Natives11.5K
Dark Days - LiveLocal Natives2.8K
Dark Days - Live At ACLLocal Natives3.5K
Camera Talk (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)Local Natives4.8K
You & I (Chrome Sparks Remix)Local Natives2.4K
Someday Now - Beacon RemixLocal Natives2.8K
Eyes Wide (Fools Gold Remix) (Feat. Aristotle Pop a Bottle)Local Natives2.9K
Dark Days (Sofi Tukker Remix)Local Natives5.5K
Stranger Things (WXPN Session)Local Natives2.9K
Lemon (feat. Sharon Van Etten)Local Natives3.3K
Bowery (Zebra Safari Remix)Local Natives3.1K
Sun Hands (Here We Go Magic Remix)Local Natives3.4K
Local Natives - Sun HandsLocal Natives2.1K
World News (Teen Daze Remix)Local Natives2.9K
Garden Of Elysian - Daedelus RemixLocal Natives1.5K
CubismLocal Natives5.1K
Wide Eyes (Fools Gold Remix) (Feat. Aristotle Pop A Bottle)Local Natives4.2K
Mt. Washington (Life is Strange OST)Local Natives4K
Fountain Of Youth - Recorded At Spotify Studios NYCLocal Natives1.2K
Who knows Who Cares (Acoustic)Local Natives3.4K
Ceilings (iTunes Session)Local Natives4K
Clothed And Open EyedLocal Natives3.9K
Cecilia (Simon and Garfunkel Cover)Local Natives3.3K
Daytrotter Sessions, AirplanesLocal Natives1.1K
Florida Georgia LineLocal Natives866
Only SonLocal Natives4.6K
Out Getting Ribs (iTunes Session)Local Natives4K
When Am I Gonna Lose You - Nick Waterhouse Rock Steady RemixLocal Natives1.5K
Eyes Wide (Fools Gold Remix ft. Aristotle)Local Natives3.2K
Dark Days (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson) LiveLocal Natives1.4K
Camera Talk (Aurgasm Exclusive)Local Natives3.7K
Who Knows Who Cares (Wax Nostalgic Remix)Local Natives2K
Breakers (iTunes Session)Local Natives2.9K
Mt. Washington (iTunes Session)Local Natives3.5K
Stranger Things (Wallpaper. Remix)Local Natives2.9K
Ceilings (Sebastian Carter Remix)Local Natives3.3K
Wide Eyes (Acoustic)Local Natives3.2K
World News (Labyrinth Ear Remix)Local Natives2.2K
Wide Eyes (Daytrotter Session)Local Natives2.3K
cards quartersLocal Natives1.4K
Breakers (Acoustic)Local Natives2.9K
You & I (Acoustic)Local Natives3.2K
You and I (Mazde Remix)Local Natives1.2K
You & I (Local Natives Remix)Local Natives1.1K
Sun Hands (Aquarium Drunkard Session)Local Natives1.1K
Heavy Feet (iTunes Session)Local Natives2.5K
Wooly Mammoth (Porto Keys Version)Local Natives2.5K
Colombia (Acoustic)Local Natives2.1K
CEILINGS (Lastronomie Remix)Local Natives691
Shapeshifter (Superhumanoids Remix)Local Natives917
Who Knows, Who Cares (Superhumanoids Remix)Local Natives1.3K
Breakers (Live from Spotify Stockholm)Local Natives740
Moonlight Sonata (The Adagio Alan Whiskey Myers Mix)Local Natives469
Heavy Feet (Jon Santana Remix)Local Natives605
You & I (Live from Spotify Stockholm)Local Natives733
HummingbirdLocal Natives893
Wild EyesLocal Natives1.6K
Breakers (Cosmic Kids Remix)Local Natives979
Heavy Feet (Live from Spotify Stockholm)Local Natives713
Wide Eyes (Acoustic)Local Natives1.5K
Cards & Quarters (Live)Local Natives1.8K
Camera Talk (Hands Remix)Local Natives1K
Out Getting RibsLocal Natives1.2K
Ceilings (Live from Spotify Stockholm)Local Natives575
Wide Eyes (Vodka & Milk Remix)Local Natives979
Colombia (Live from Spotify Stockholm)Local Natives530
Danzas EspanolasLocal Natives354
Heavy Feet (New Single)Local Natives567
Colombia (Acoustic)Local Natives644
Breakers (acoustic)Local Natives955
I Fluty (The Lacs Kerser Mix)Local Natives334
Sun hands (RussianAdults remix)Local Natives1.1K