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3923 songs
Working for the Weekend Loverboy 1.1M
Turn Me Loose Loverboy 375.8K
Heaven in Your Eyes Loverboy 216K
Lovin Every Minute Of It Loverboy 163.1K
Hot Girls In Love Loverboy 96.6K
When Its Over Loverboy 78.6K
This Could Be The Night Loverboy 72.5K
The Kid Is Hot Tonite Loverboy 69K
Lucky Ones Loverboy 45.3K
Take Me To The Top Loverboy 41K
The Kid Is Hot Tonight Loverboy 37.5K
Almost Paradise Loverboy 34.5K
NOTORIOUS Loverboy 29K
Jump Loverboy 25.9K
Working for the Weekend - Remastered Loverboy 28.1K
Gangs In The Street Loverboy 19.1K
Queen Of The Broken Hearts Loverboy 20.2K
Working For The Weekend (Live) Loverboy 12.3K
ITS YOUR LIFE Loverboy 14.1K
Always On My Mind Loverboy 14.2K
Turn Me Loose (live) Loverboy 10.4K
Working For The Weekend - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 11K
Destination Heartbreak Loverboy 9.9K
Strike Zone Loverboy 9.9K
Dangerous Loverboy 9.6K
When Its Over - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 11.5K
Passion Pit Loverboy 6.3K
Working for the Weekend (Remastered) Loverboy 10.8K
Lady Of The 80s Loverboy 8.1K
Too Hot Loverboy 5.7K
EMOTIONAL Loverboy 5.5K
Workin for the Weekend Loverboy 8.1K
Destruction Loverboy 5.6K
Teenage Overdose Loverboy 7K
Watch Out Loverboy 5.6K
Everybodys Working For The Weekend Loverboy 10.7K
Little Girl Loverboy 5.7K
Take Me To The Top - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 6K
Prissy Prissy Loverboy 5.1K
Turn Me Loose (Album Version) Loverboy 4.3K
Everybodys Working For The We Loverboy 6.1K
D.O.A. Loverboy 6.2K
For You Loverboy 4.9K
It Dont Matter Loverboy 6K
Lead A Double Life Loverboy 4.6K
Love Will Rise Again Loverboy 4.5K
Lucky Ones - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 4.5K
Working for the Weekend (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 4.3K
Aint Looking For Love Loverboy 3.8K
Steal The Thunder Loverboy 3.8K
Hometown Hero Loverboy 3K
Friday Night Loverboy 3.8K
Its Never Easy Loverboy 3.2K
Walkin On Fire Loverboy 2.6K
Break It To Me Gently Loverboy 3.5K
Just Getting Started Loverboy 4.1K
One-Sided Love Affair Loverboy 3.5K
Cant Get Much Better Loverboy 2.9K
Prime Of Your Life Loverboy 3.7K
Too Much Too Soon Loverboy 3.3K
Dont Keep Me In The Dark Loverboy 3K
Working For The Weekend (DEMO - previously unreleased) Loverboy 1.3K
The Real Thing Loverboy 2.7K
One Of Them Days Loverboy 3.1K
Black Leather Glove Loverboy 2.1K
Wildside Loverboy 2.4K
Rock N Roll Revival Loverboy 2K
Fire Me Up Loverboy 2.3K
Gangs In The Street - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 1.9K
Fade To Black Loverboy 3.1K
Chance Of A Lifetime Loverboy 2.7K
Jump - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 1.9K
The One That Got Away Loverboy 3K
Zrobmy Sobie Fote (Radio Edit) Loverboy 3.7K
When Its Over (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 1.5K
As Good As It Gets Loverboy 2.9K
Bullet In The Chamber Loverboy 2K
Back For More Loverboy 2.8K
I Would Die For You Loverboy 2.6K
Dont Let Go Loverboy 2.3K
Lost With You Loverboy 2.6K
Working For The Weekend (Re-Recorded Remastered) Loverboy 1.2K
Meltdown Loverboy 2K
Stranded Loverboy 2.3K
Countin the Nights Loverboy 1.4K
Gdy Nastaje Ciemna Noc - Radio Mix Loverboy 2.2K
Heartbreaker Loverboy 2K
The Kid Is Hot Tonight (live) Loverboy 751
Love of Money Loverboy 1.2K
Take Me To The Top - Re-Mix Loverboy 1.5K
Emotional - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 986
No Tomorrow Loverboy 1.2K
Aint Such a Bad Thing Loverboy 1.3K
Read My Lips Loverboy 1.5K
Its Your Life - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 987
Watch Out - Remastered 2006 Loverboy 953
Doin It the Hard Way Loverboy 1.3K
Come Undone Loverboy 1.2K
What Makes You So Special Loverboy 1.2K
Lovin Every Minute Loverboy 1K
So Much for Love Loverboy 849
Thats Where My Money Goes Loverboy 1.4K
Waiting for the Night Loverboy 941
Big Picture Loverboy 959
Goodbye Angel Loverboy 753
Hair of the Dog Loverboy 846
Spinnin My Wheels Loverboy 782
Workin for the Weekend (Live) Loverboy 707
Nobody Cares Loverboy 998
Take Me To The Top (Re-Mix) Loverboy 686
Lucky Ones (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 709
Maybe Someday Loverboy 768
picwme Loverboy 4.7K
Stop The Rain Loverboy 957
Create a Monster Loverboy 818
Slave Loverboy 994
Hot Girls Loverboy 1.1K
Take Me To The Top (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 835
Lovin Every Minute Of It (live) Loverboy 415
flowers Loverboy 2.9K
War Bride Loverboy 1K
Ona Buja Sie Kozacko - Radio Mix Loverboy 1.1K
You Play the Star Loverboy 1.1K
Crack of the Whip Loverboy 1.1K
Time After Time Loverboy 1.9K
Release Loverboy 1.3K
Lucky Ones (live) Loverboy 358
Loverboy - Jump Loverboy 822
I Told You So - DEMO - previously unreleased Loverboy 520
Jump (live) Loverboy 330
Working For The Weekend (Re-Recorded Remastered) Loverboy 592
When ItS Over (live) Loverboy 400
Hot Girls In Love (live) Loverboy 318
Jump (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 457
Working For The Weekend - DEMO - previously unreleased Loverboy 485
This Could Be the Night (live) Loverboy 330
swear Loverboy 3K
farfetch Loverboy 2.8K
Gangs In The Street (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 424
mr. grey Loverboy 1.7K
Im Alive Loverboy 766
W Aucie Sie Nie Jara - Radio Mix Loverboy 1.1K
Its Your Life (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 791
Heartattack Loverboy 2.4K
Boy Likes The Girl - DEMO - previously unreleased Loverboy 652
Secondhome Loverboy 2.5K
personal Loverboy 3.1K
Your Town Saturday Night - DEMO - previously unreleased Loverboy 399
summoner Loverboy 2.4K
Workin for the Weekend Loverboy 880
Take Me To The Top (live) Loverboy 252
Working For The Weekend - live Loverboy 453
Working for the Weekend (Re-Recorded) Loverboy 515
Overtime Loverboy 3.1K
Dream of U Loverboy 2.2K
Mylove Loverboy 1.8K
Everybody Is Working For The Weekend Loverboy 752
Dangerous (live) Loverboy 217
Beyond Repair Loverboy 1.6K
Grace Loverboy 1.3K
Secrets Loverboy 528
Real Thing Loverboy 816
Watch Out (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 269
Gimme Back My Life Loverboy 302
SILHOUETTE Loverboy 1.1K
Emotional (Remastered 2006) Loverboy 520
Snow Loverboy 1.4K
mysleep Loverboy 1.5K
shows over Loverboy 1.7K
Boy Likes The Girl (DEMO - previously unreleased) Loverboy 228
Tortured Loverboy 467
September Loverboy 1.2K
No Reason to Shine Loverboy 1.1K
Queen Of The Broken Hearts (live) Loverboy 191
The Way You Used To Treat Me Loverboy 361
Jak Cie Poderwac (Radio Mix) Loverboy 526
loverboy - working for the weekend Loverboy 432
When Its Over (Album Version) Loverboy 306
Turn Me Loose (1981) Loverboy 433
I Told You So (DEMO - previously unreleased) Loverboy 203
Smile Loverboy 898
The Kid Is Hot Tonite (Album Version) Loverboy 422
Waltz Loverboy 715
Obsessed Loverboy 1K
Some Like It Hot Loverboy 290
Distant Loverboy 967
Business Loverboy 1.5K
Zakazy (Zimne 07) Radio Edit Loverboy 434
You Me At Six Loverboy 204
Better Half Loverboy 1.2K
Lucky Ones - live Loverboy 271
Love Is Scarce Loverboy 220
Hot Girls in Love (Album Version) Loverboy 280
Your Town Saturday Night (DEMO - previously unreleased) Loverboy 178
Working for the Weekend (Album Version) Loverboy 922
Your Town Saturday Night (demo) Loverboy 344
Everybodys Working For The Weekend Loverboy 440
Lead A Double Life (live) Loverboy 144
Grzejesz Mnie (Radio Mix) Loverboy 340
I Told You So (demo) Loverboy 324