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Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez
13669 songs
Carousel (Bobby Green Remix)Melanie Martinez5.2K
Show TellMelanie Martinez9.8K
Pity Party (K Theory Remix)Melanie Martinez5.9K
Cough Syrup (The Voice Performance)Melanie Martinez12.8K
Wicked Words (feat. Jared Dylan)Melanie Martinez7K
Dollhouse - Kiely Rich RemixMelanie Martinez3.4K
cant shake youMelanie Martinez12.8K
Birthing AddictsMelanie Martinez8.6K
Dollhouse - One Love RemixMelanie Martinez3.3K
Dollhouse - Treasure Fingers H.O.U.S.E MixMelanie Martinez2.9K
Hit the Road Jack (The Voice Performance)Melanie Martinez9.7K
Bulletproof (The Voice Performance)Melanie Martinez12.5K
A Million MenMelanie Martinez8.3K
Where Do Babies Come From?Melanie Martinez13.3K
K-12 (The Film)Melanie Martinez2.7K
Blue KneesMelanie Martinez10.5K
Dollhouse (Music)Melanie Martinez2.1K
The ShowMelanie Martinez6.4K
Lunchbox FriendMelanie Martinez11.6K
I think Im crazyMelanie Martinez5.5K
Pity Party (XVII Remix)Melanie Martinez3.8K
SoapTraining Wheels Double FeatureMelanie Martinez2.7K
THE HATCHINGMelanie Martinez5.3K
Bones Are BlueMelanie Martinez6.3K
Bombs On Monday MorningMelanie Martinez19.5K
Curly CueMelanie Martinez6.7K
Seven Nation Army (The Voice)Melanie Martinez1.3K
Dragons BloodMelanie Martinez18.4K
Rough LoveMelanie Martinez7K
Dear PorcupinesMelanie Martinez4.7K
Soap (Solstis Remix)Melanie Martinez3.7K
Tunnel VisionMelanie Martinez20.6K
SirensMelanie Martinez16.2K
A Thousand WordsMelanie Martinez6.3K
CootiesMelanie Martinez9.7K
K-12Melanie Martinez5.7K
VoidMelanie Martinez19.2K
i screamMelanie Martinez7.7K
Rocking HorseMelanie Martinez8.9K
Pity Party (Myles Travitz Remix)Melanie Martinez2.4K
PapercutMelanie Martinez9.8K
The OneMelanie Martinez3.9K
Copy CatMelanie Martinez2.5K
HistoryMelanie Martinez11.3K
Soap (Steve James Remix)Melanie Martinez2.1K
Dear PorcupineMelanie Martinez4.2K
IntervalsMelanie Martinez3.5K
Arts & CraftsMelanie Martinez9.3K
Play Date (100 gecs Remix)Melanie Martinez5K
Bittersweet Tragedy (Solstis Remix)Melanie Martinez2.2K
GardenMelanie Martinez15K
Play DateMelanie Martinez2.6K
Mother of PearlMelanie Martinez10.7K
Toxic (Cover)Melanie Martinez2.5K
Dead to Me - EP VersionMelanie Martinez2.3K
Toxic (Studio Version)Melanie Martinez2.3K
Dollhouse (One Love Remix)Melanie Martinez1.6K
SmokeMelanie Martinez3.9K
EraserMelanie Martinez10.8K
Ring PopMelanie Martinez7.5K
Carousel (Bleep Bloop Remix)Melanie Martinez1.3K
ZZZZMelanie Martinez7.2K
AK-47Melanie Martinez6.4K
Bittersweet Tragedy - EP VersionMelanie Martinez2.1K
Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)Melanie Martinez2.5K
RaceMelanie Martinez2.8K
Psycho LoversMelanie Martinez5.8K
I Scream (feat. Snow Tha Product)Melanie Martinez4.1K
Soap (Gladiator Remix)Melanie Martinez1.6K
Moon CycleMelanie Martinez7.3K
Melanie Martinez - The BakeryMelanie Martinez3.1K
EmeraldMelanie Martinez9K
Bulletproof (Studio Version)Melanie Martinez868
CorpseMelanie Martinez8.2K
Pity Party (KXA Remix)Melanie Martinez1.4K
Coloring BookMelanie Martinez4.8K
Brain HeartMelanie Martinez2.4K
SeesawMelanie Martinez5.4K
MagnetsMelanie Martinez6K
Soap (Stooki Sound Remix)Melanie Martinez1.5K
Toxic (The Voice)Melanie Martinez598
Trophy WifeMelanie Martinez5.1K
Fingers CrossedMelanie Martinez10.2K
Cry BabyMelanie Martinez2.9K
Where Do Babies Come FromMelanie Martinez3K
LeechesMelanie Martinez4.5K
AbsorbMelanie Martinez7K
Lost & FoundMelanie Martinez6K
Gold Diggin LoveMelanie Martinez2.1K
jumpropeMelanie Martinez5.3K
GluestickMelanie Martinez5.7K
Too Close (Alex Clare cover)Melanie Martinez1.5K
faerie soireeMelanie Martinez9.9K
Lights (Studio Version)Melanie Martinez751
Tag, Youre ItMilk and Cookies Double FeatureMelanie Martinez845
Next Time It RainsMelanie Martinez3.6K
Wicked WordsMelanie Martinez1.3K
Mad Hatter (KXA Remix)Melanie Martinez2.1K