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Michael Calfan

Michael Calfan
2553 songs
Nobody Does It BetterMichael Calfan198.6K
Treasured SoulMichael Calfan168.7K
Treasured Soul - Radio EditMichael Calfan151.3K
Resurrection - Axwells Recut Radio EditMichael Calfan131.8K
No LieMichael Calfan96.2K
Wild NightMichael Calfan64.2K
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Version)Michael Calfan85.8K
Resurrection - Axwells Recut Radio VersionMichael Calfan100.1K
Resurrection - Axwells Recut Club VersionMichael Calfan77.8K
Over AgainMichael Calfan43.4K
BittersweetMichael Calfan41.4K
Got YouMichael Calfan36.9K
Breaking The DoorsMichael Calfan37.5K
Call Me NowMichael Calfan49.9K
Could Be You (feat. Danny Dearden)Michael Calfan35K
Wild Game (feat. Monique Lawz)Michael Calfan40.3K
My Place (feat. Ebenezer)Michael Calfan38.1K
Imagining (feat. Gabrielle Aplin)Michael Calfan28.2K
Mercy - Radio EditMichael Calfan22.1K
ResurrectionMichael Calfan40.2K
BrothersMichael Calfan22K
ThornsMichael Calfan18.1K
On YouMichael Calfan19.1K
Black RaveMichael Calfan12K
Sydneys SongMichael Calfan17.7K
Prelude - Radio EditMichael Calfan14.8K
Feelings After Dark (feat. NISHA)Michael Calfan15.4K
3, 2, 1Michael Calfan13.6K
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Radio Edit)Michael Calfan15.8K
Last CallMichael Calfan14.1K
PreludeMichael Calfan14.4K
The BombMichael Calfan7.2K
Mercy - Blvck Mirror Chill MixMichael Calfan8.4K
Its Wrong (feat. Danny Dearden)Michael Calfan10.1K
Wild Game (feat. Monique Lawz) Ferreck Dawn RemixMichael Calfan11.6K
No Lie - KREAM RemixMichael Calfan12.5K
Thorns (feat. Raphaella)Michael Calfan12K
No Lie - HUGEL RemixMichael Calfan8.4K
LeatherMichael Calfan5.2K
Let Your Mind Go - Radio EditMichael Calfan7K
She Wants ItMichael Calfan4.9K
Blinded By The Lights (feat. IMAN)Michael Calfan6.1K
SpiderMichael Calfan4.7K
Silhouette (feat. Coldabank)Michael Calfan6.8K
Treasured Soul (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan10.8K
Treasured Soul - Chocolate Puma RemixMichael Calfan7.3K
Phase Me (feat. Richard Judge)Michael Calfan5.5K
BodyMichael Calfan8K
Treasured Soul - Club MixMichael Calfan8.4K
Call Me Now - Rob Adans RemixMichael Calfan6.2K
Resurrection (Axwells Re-Cut Club Version)Michael Calfan12.8K
MozaikMichael Calfan5.4K
Imagining (feat. Gabrielle Aplin) Piano VersionMichael Calfan4.9K
Ching Choing - Club VersionMichael Calfan5K
Resurrection - Axwells Recut Club MixMichael Calfan9.5K
Ching Choing - Radio EditMichael Calfan5.1K
Falcon - Original MixMichael Calfan4.5K
Mozaik (Hook N Sling Remix)Michael Calfan3.9K
Treasured Soul (Original Mix)Michael Calfan9.5K
EighteenMichael Calfan3.8K
On You - Radio EditMichael Calfan5.2K
BetterMichael Calfan3.1K
Prelude - Original MixMichael Calfan4.6K
Feelings After Dark (feat. NISHA) Kiko Franco RemixMichael Calfan3.9K
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Version) ParadiseMichael Calfan7.8K
Fall To Pieces (feat. Jex)Michael Calfan3.4K
Treasured Soul - MYNGA Remix Radio EditMichael Calfan5.6K
Wild Game (feat. Monique Lawz) Club MixMichael Calfan4.6K
MercyMichael Calfan4.8K
Treasured Soul (MYNGA Remix)Michael Calfan3.4K
FalconMichael Calfan2.8K
Prelude (Original Mix)Michael Calfan6.2K
No Lie - Michael Calfan RemixMichael Calfan3.1K
Treasured Soul - Kryder & Genairo Nvilla RemixMichael Calfan3.8K
Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)Michael Calfan3.5K
The World (Original Mix)Michael Calfan1.6K
Let Your Mind Go - Original MixMichael Calfan2.8K
Mercy (Original Mix)Michael Calfan2.9K
Mercy - Original MixMichael Calfan9.6K
Treasured Soul (Club Mix)Michael Calfan2.5K
Breaking the Doors - Extended MixMichael Calfan2.6K
No Lie - Kideko RemixMichael Calfan2.5K
Its Wrong (feat. Danny Dearden) The Magician RemixMichael Calfan2.9K
Slide (feat. Tye Morgan)Michael Calfan1.7K
Ching Choing (feat. Kaye Styles)Michael Calfan1.2K
Let Your Mind Go - Mikael Weermets & Nico De Andrea RemixMichael Calfan1.4K
On You - Aevion Radio EditMichael Calfan2.6K
Deals With God (feat. Hannah Boleyn)Michael Calfan1.5K
Prelude - Extended MixMichael Calfan3K
Resurrection - Axwell’s Recut Club VersionMichael Calfan1.9K
Treasured Soul (Chocolate Puma Remix)Michael Calfan1.8K
Resurrection (Axwells Recut)Michael Calfan2.3K
Treasured Soul - Original MixMichael Calfan1.9K
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Radio Version)Michael Calfan1.8K
Falcon (Original Mix)Michael Calfan1.5K
Resurrection (Axwell mix) Coldplay – ParadiseMichael Calfan2.9K
Resurrection (Axwell Recut Club Version)Michael Calfan1.7K
Mercy (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan1.3K
ImaginingMichael Calfan1.4K
Disco InfernoMichael Calfan941
Got You - Dub MixMichael Calfan1.6K
Nobody Does It Better (Extended Mix)Michael Calfan1.7K
Resurrection - Axwells Re-Cut Club VersionMichael Calfan1.7K
Resurrection (Axwell Recut Club Version) ParadiseMichael Calfan2.9K
Mozaik (Original Mix)Michael Calfan1.7K
Resurrection - Original Radio EditMichael Calfan2.8K
Breaking the Doors (Extended Mix)Michael Calfan1.4K
My Place (feat. Ebenezer) Dub MixMichael Calfan913
Last Call - Club MixMichael Calfan1.1K
Wild GameMichael Calfan1K
Treasured Soul (Kryder & Genairo Nvilla Remix)Michael Calfan1.4K
Nobody Does It Better (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan1.8K
Prelude (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan1.9K
On You - Club MixMichael Calfan979
ResurrectionMichael Calfan1.5K
ResurrectionMichael Calfan1.4K
GalacticaMichael Calfan655
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Version) ParadiseMichael Calfan1.4K
Mozaik - Hook N Sling RemixMichael Calfan655
Nobody Does It Better - Extended MixMichael Calfan1.7K
On You - Aevion RemixMichael Calfan750
Falcon - Radio EditMichael Calfan467
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Mix)Michael Calfan559
My PlaceMichael Calfan605
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Version) ParadiseMichael Calfan1.4K
Twisted Bitch - Radio EditMichael Calfan397
Treasured Soul - The Golden Boy RemixMichael Calfan563
Last Call - 2013 VersionMichael Calfan1.6K
No Mans LandMichael Calfan787
Brothers (Extended Mix)Michael Calfan673
Michael Calfan - Breaking the DoorsMichael Calfan446
Resurrection (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan779
Music Resurrection (Mikael Weermets vs Micha Moor Bootleg)Michael Calfan1.3K
Treasured Soul (Godford Remix)Michael Calfan460
Let Your Mind Go (feat. Andy P.) Radio EditMichael Calfan479
Call Me Now - Club MixMichael Calfan417
Nobody Does It Better - KC Lights RemixMichael Calfan319
The WorldMichael Calfan205
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Version)Michael Calfan1K
Over Again (Extended Mix)Michael Calfan531
Resurrection (Axwell Mix)Michael Calfan625
Its WrongMichael Calfan400
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Radio Edit)Michael Calfan795
Resurrection (Axwell Recut Radio Edit)Michael Calfan755
Michael Calfan - Nobody Does It BetterMichael Calfan404
Resurrection (Axwell mix) Coldplay ˆ ParadiseMichael Calfan1.3K
Treasured Soul (Record Mix)Michael Calfan543
Thorns (Ft. Raphaella)Michael Calfan944
Resurrection (Axwell mix) Coldplay – ParadiseMichael Calfan1K
Sydney’s SongMichael Calfan380
Resurrection (Axwell Remix)Michael Calfan651
Resurrection - (Axwells Recut Club VersionMichael Calfan393
Prelude (Extended Mix)Michael Calfan203
Breaking The Doors (Original Mix)Michael Calfan479
Treasured Soul (S.P.Y Remix)Michael Calfan432
On You (Club Mix)Michael Calfan227
Falcon (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan334
Breaking The Doors (Original)Michael Calfan238
Treasured Soul (The Golden Boy Remix)Michael Calfan291
Resurrection - Axwell Recut Radio EditMichael Calfan305
Believe Resurrection (Morgan Page Bootleg Mix)Michael Calfan488
Ressurection (Axwel Re-Cut)Michael Calfan430
Ching Choing - Bob Sinclar RemixMichael Calfan193
Treasured Soul (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix)Michael Calfan182
Twisted BitchMichael Calfan218
Treasured SoulMichael Calfan388
No Lie - Nico de Andrea RemixMichael Calfan251
Resurrection (LX-Tronix Remix)Michael Calfan880
Treasured Soul (S.P.Y. Remix)Michael Calfan292
Resurrection (Axwells Recut Club Version), Axwells Recut Club VersionMichael Calfan147
Disco Inferno (Original Mix)Michael Calfan423
Mozaik - Original MixMichael Calfan178
Twisted Bitch - Club MixMichael Calfan178
Resrrection (Axwells Recut Club Version)Michael Calfan302
Got You - Club MixMichael Calfan182
Nobody Does It Better (Record Mix)Michael Calfan595
Treasured Soul - Amine Edge & DANCE RemixMichael Calfan132
Ching ChoingMichael Calfan175
The World - Phillip Lake RemixMichael Calfan160
On You (Aevion Remix)Michael Calfan224
Black Rave (Original Mix)Michael Calfan263
Brothers (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan481
My Place (feat. Ebenezer) Club MixMichael Calfan227
The Bomb (Original Mix)Michael Calfan207
On You - TCTS RemixMichael Calfan200
Nobody Does It Better (Black Mirror Remix)Michael Calfan131
Resurrection (Original Radio Edit)Michael Calfan457
Michael Calfan - Nobody Does It Better (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan189
Resurrection (Axwell Mix), ParadiseMichael Calfan463
On You (Radio Edit)Michael Calfan137
Paradise Resurection (dubd Outs Big Room BootlegMichael Calfan125
Feelings After DarkMichael Calfan405
Let your mind goMichael Calfan386
Treasured Soul (Grego Salto & Michael Calfan Kids Remix)Michael Calfan168
Resurrection (Axwell Cut)Michael Calfan270
No Mans Land (24h in Ibiza Edit)Michael Calfan232
ResurrectionMichael Calfan186
Thorns (feat. Raphaella)Michael Calfan145
Michael Calfan Ft Axwell Vs Laidback Luke Timebombs Resurrection (Bass Robbers Mashup)Michael Calfan118