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60 songs
Rainy day (Feat. ASH ISLAND, Skinny Brown) PATEKO 20.2K
Think About You PATEKO 5.4K
Night Drive (Feat. JAEHA, Ourealgoat) PATEKO 1.8K
Sometimes (Feat. THAMA, Street Baby) PATEKO 1.8K
One Day (Feat. Colde) PATEKO 1.4K
Rainy day PATEKO 2.9K
Anymore PATEKO 781
Its Gone PATEKO 2.3K
Tell Me PATEKO 1.3K
Shadow PATEKO 1.2K
Make it BIG (Feat. DON MALIK, Skinny Brown) PATEKO 417
Pray On Sunday (Feat. Knave, D-HACK, GIST) PATEKO 964
So painful (Feat. Kid Wine, Milena) PATEKO 570
Another Day (Feat. Leellamarz) PATEKO 312
Switch (Feat. Knave, KHAN, Khakii) PATEKO 431
You (Feat. Jayci Yucca) PATEKO 367
Refresh (Feat. OLNL, B JYUN.) PATEKO 212
Rainy day (feat. Skinny Brown & ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 479
HIT SONG (Feat. Leellamarz, Rakon) PATEKO 202
Rainy Day (feat. ASH ISLAND & Skinny Brown) PATEKO 216
MYTOWN (Feat. KOREANGROOVE, Jayci yucca, Chaboom) PATEKO 155
Pray On Sunday PATEKO 49
Rainy day (part. Skinny Brown e ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 31
Sometimes (feat. THAMA & Street Baby) PATEKO 27
So painful (feat. Kid Wine & Milena) PATEKO 5
Rainy day (avec Skinny Brown et ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 14
Switch (feat. Knave, KHAN & Khakii) PATEKO 11
Rainy day (con Skinny Brown y ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 9
Pray On Sunday (feat. GIST, Knave & D-Hack) PATEKO 21
One Day PATEKO 3
Night Drive PATEKO 3
Night Drive (feat. JAEHA & Ourealgoat) PATEKO 15
Make it BIG (feat. DON MALIK & Skinny Brown) PATEKO 8
Sometimes PATEKO 2
Switch PATEKO 2
Rainy day (Skinny Brown ve ASH ISLAND esliginde) PATEKO 2
Refresh (feat. OLNL & B JYUN.) PATEKO 6
rainy day (ft. ash island & skinny brown) PATEKO 6
Pray On Sunday (feat. Knave, D-HACK & GIST) PATEKO 4
Rainy day(feat. Skinny Brown、ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 4
Rainy day(合作音乐人:Skinny Brown和ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 2
Rainy day (feat. Skinny Brown ve ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 2
MYTOWN (part. KOREANGROOVE, Jayci yucca e Chaboom) PATEKO 2
HIT SONG (part. Rakon e Leellamarz) PATEKO 2
Pray On Sunday (feat. Knave, D-Hack & GI$T) PATEKO 2
HIT SONG(feat. Rakon、Leellamarz) PATEKO 2
You (Feat. Jayci Yucca) PATEKO 1
Rainy day (mit Skinny Brown & ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 1
MYTOWN (Feat. KOREANGROOVE, Jayci yucca, Chaboom) PATEKO 1
너가 (Feat. Jayci Yucca) PATEKO 1
So painful PATEKO 1
Night Drive (feat. JAEHA & 아우릴고트 (OUREALGOAT) PATEKO 1
One Day (Feat. Colde) PATEKO 1
Rainy day (com Skinny Brown e ASH ISLAND) PATEKO 1
Rainy day WETBOY version PATEKO 1
어떤 하루 (Feat. Colde) PATEKO 1
One Day (feat. Colde(콜드) PATEKO 1