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Phil Collins

Phil Collins
55778 songs
Two Worlds FinalePhil Collins46.7K
Do You Know, Do You Care?Phil Collins41.8K
We Fly So ClosePhil Collins52.6K
Cant Find My WayPhil Collins43.7K
The West SidePhil Collins44.8K
Some Of Your LovinPhil Collins33.6K
No Way Out (Theme from Brother Bear)Phil Collins62.5K
Papa Was a Rolling StonePhil Collins35.8K
We Wait and We WonderPhil Collins43.3K
The Way You Look Tonight (live)Phil Collins31.7K
In My Lonely RoomPhil Collins32.8K
This Love This HeartPhil Collins40.8K
Dont Get Me StartedPhil Collins38.3K
SurvivorsPhil Collins38.5K
Its Not Too LatePhil Collins38.8K
Were Sons Of Our FathersPhil Collins35K
Take A Look At Me NowPhil Collins62.8K
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me For A Little While)Phil Collins30.4K
Going BackPhil Collins39.8K
Ive Been TryingPhil Collins31.5K
Son of Man - From TarzanSoundtrack VersionPhil Collins40.1K
Two Worlds (Phil Version)Phil Collins44.7K
Blame it on the SunPhil Collins29.9K
Swing LowPhil Collins33.3K
Why Cant It Wait Til MorningPhil Collins37.8K
I Missed Again - 2015 RemasteredPhil Collins33.7K
SomewherePhil Collins32.7K
Theres A Place For UsPhil Collins35.7K
If Leaving Me Is Easy - 2015 RemasteredPhil Collins31.5K
One More Night - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins31.7K
Wear My HatPhil Collins48.6K
Driving Me CrazyPhil Collins32.6K
True Colors - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins41.1K
In the Air Tonight - 2015 RemasterPhil Collins40.4K
A Groovy Kind of Love - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins32.8K
Never Dreamed Youd Leave in SummerPhil Collins26.1K
Standing In The Shadows Of LovePhil Collins26.2K
Two Hearts - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins36.9K
I Dont Care Anymore - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins35.2K
My Girl (live)Phil Collins26.7K
Do I Love YouPhil Collins26.6K
Jimmy MackPhil Collins25.9K
The Same MoonPhil Collins33K
Least You Can DoPhil Collins26.8K
Something About YouPhil Collins24.6K
Take Me Home - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins30.8K
LorenzoPhil Collins30.3K
Loving You is Sweeter Than EverPhil Collins23.9K
Dance into the Light - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins30.3K
In The Air Tonight (Live)Phil Collins34.5K
No Matter WhoPhil Collins26.9K
Going to a Go-GoPhil Collins22.3K
I Wish It Would Rain Down - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins29.2K
UptightPhil Collins15.6K
Something Happened on the WayPhil Collins34.1K
Always (live)Phil Collins21.3K
Thats What You SaidPhil Collins24.5K
Love Is Here And Now Youre GonePhil Collins21.2K
Separate Lives (live)Phil Collins21.3K
Aint Too Proud to BegPhil Collins16.9K
Just Another StoryPhil Collins24.7K
Thats Just the Way It Is - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins23.4K
I Missed Again - 2015 RemasterPhil Collins22.7K
Love PolicePhil Collins24.3K
Long Long Way to Go - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins25.6K
Another Day In Paradise (2016 Remastered)Phil Collins29.6K
Everyday - 2015 RemasteredPhil Collins23.1K
Two Worlds - Radio VersionPhil Collins22.4K
Cant Stop Loving You - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins24.5K
Dont Lose My Number - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins24.7K
Do You Remember? - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins21.5K
Thru My EyesPhil Collins20.6K
The Times They Are A-ChanginPhil Collins27.6K
Oughta Know By NowPhil Collins23K
Take Me DownPhil Collins24.4K
No Way OutPhil Collins39.7K
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - 2016 RemasteredPhil Collins24.2K
River So WidePhil Collins23.3K
Behind The Lines - 2015 RemasteredPhil Collins17.8K
Both Sides Of The Story - 2015 RemasteredPhil Collins19.5K
In the Air Tonight (2015 Remaster)Phil Collins35K
Separate Lives (Love Theme From White Nights)Phil Collins20.7K
You Will Be In My HeartPhil Collins25.1K
Two Worlds - Phil versionPhil Collins22K
Talkin About My BabyPhil Collins16.9K
If Leaving Me Is Easy - 2015 RemasterPhil Collins19.1K
Youll Be In My Heart - 『ターザン』よりPhil Collins14.9K
Inside Out - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins20.9K
Invisible TouchPhil Collins24.6K
Uptight (Everythings Alright)Phil Collins21.3K
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Live)Phil Collins29.9K
The Roof Is Leaking - 2015 RemasteredPhil Collins17.6K
You Really Got a Hold on MePhil Collins14.4K
Separate Lives - 2016 RemasterPhil Collins22.3K
Hijo De HombrePhil Collins33.9K
Trashin The Camp (Phil And N Sync Version)Phil Collins20.6K
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)Phil Collins23.2K
This Must Be Love - 2015 RemasterPhil Collins14.7K
The Man With The HornPhil Collins12.3K
Look Through My Eyes - From Brother BearSoundtrack VersionPhil Collins21.4K