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Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter
2886 songs
NonsenseSabrina Carpenter4.2M
Sue MeSabrina Carpenter1.9M
SkinSabrina Carpenter2.1M
Because I Liked a BoySabrina Carpenter2.2M
emails i can’t sendSabrina Carpenter1.8M
Looking at MeSabrina Carpenter1.3M
ViciousSabrina Carpenter2M
ThumbsSabrina Carpenter1M
Fast TimesSabrina Carpenter1.9M
Skinny DippingSabrina Carpenter1.4M
read your mindSabrina Carpenter1.5M
Tornado WarningsSabrina Carpenter1.3M
Already OverSabrina Carpenter1.2M
Bet U WannaSabrina Carpenter1M
ExhaleSabrina Carpenter769.8K
ParisSabrina Carpenter898.5K
decodeSabrina Carpenter1M
how many thingsSabrina Carpenter820.4K
BAD FOR BUSINESSSabrina Carpenter837K
Let Me Move You - From the Netflix film Work ItSabrina Carpenter363.5K
In My BedSabrina Carpenter799.1K
AlienSabrina Carpenter367.9K
Almost LoveSabrina Carpenter676.5K
Honeymoon FadesSabrina Carpenter541.8K
A Nonsense ChristmasSabrina Carpenter331.8K
Cant Blame a Girl for TryingSabrina Carpenter392.2K
FeatherSabrina Carpenter326.1K
On PurposeSabrina Carpenter378.9K
Pushing 20Sabrina Carpenter660.4K
Im FakinSabrina Carpenter460.7K
Mona LisaSabrina Carpenter479.5K
Eyes Wide OpenSabrina Carpenter221.6K
Diamonds Are ForeverSabrina Carpenter402.6K
Bad TimeSabrina Carpenter438.5K
oppositeSabrina Carpenter209.8K
Nonsense - Sped Up VersionSabrina Carpenter199.1K
I Cant Stop MeSabrina Carpenter324K
Let Me Move You - From the Netflix film Work ItSabrina Carpenter146.6K
prfctSabrina Carpenter373.7K
things i wish you saidSabrina Carpenter173.9K
LonesomeSabrina Carpenter142.4K
Smoke and FireSabrina Carpenter161K
Hold TightSabrina Carpenter300K
Well Be The StarsSabrina Carpenter147.9K
Tell EmSabrina Carpenter269.8K
Take Off All Your CoolSabrina Carpenter251.1K
ShadowsSabrina Carpenter230.9K
Take You BackSabrina Carpenter245.1K
Christmas the Whole Year RoundSabrina Carpenter58.2K
Run and HideSabrina Carpenter163.8K
Feels Like LonelinessSabrina Carpenter169.7K
The Middle of Starting OverSabrina Carpenter117.7K
All We Have Is LoveSabrina Carpenter138K
No WordsSabrina Carpenter126.6K
Dont Want It BackSabrina Carpenter130.2K
SeamlessSabrina Carpenter91.3K
Too YoungSabrina Carpenter94.6K
MirageSabrina Carpenter121.5K
Wildside - From Adventures in BabysittingSabrina Carpenter69.1K
SpaceSabrina Carpenter109.7K
Your Loves LikeSabrina Carpenter89.5K
Skinny Dipping - AcousticSabrina Carpenter77.5K
Two Young HeartsSabrina Carpenter69.9K
Nonsense (with Coi Leray) RemixSabrina Carpenter25.3K
Best Thing I GotSabrina Carpenter59.5K
White FlagSabrina Carpenter68.7K
Darling Im a MessSabrina Carpenter53.7K
Right NowSabrina Carpenter51.1K
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart MakesSo This is LoveSabrina Carpenter31.3K
Lie For LoveSabrina Carpenter74.2K
Rescue MeSabrina Carpenter34.4K
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasSabrina Carpenter22.8K
Safe and SoundSabrina Carpenter26.4K
Skin - Quarterhead RemixSabrina Carpenter21.1K
How To Go To ConfessionSabrina Carpenter35.9K
BlueberriesSabrina Carpenter29.6K
Sue Me - A CappellaSabrina Carpenter35.4K
Almost Love - R3HAB RemixSabrina Carpenter23.1K
Alien - AcousticSabrina Carpenter24.6K
Why - AcousticSabrina Carpenter24.2K
Thumbs - AcousticSabrina Carpenter16.6K
emails i cant sendSabrina Carpenter15.9K
Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer)Sabrina Carpenter43K
Silver NightsSabrina Carpenter14.1K
I Cant Stop Me (feat. Saweetie)Sabrina Carpenter22.4K
Almost Love - Stargate Warehouse MixSabrina Carpenter6.2K
Almost Love - AcousticSabrina Carpenter11.9K
Fall ApartSabrina Carpenter11.2K
Stand Out - From How to Build a Better BoySabrina Carpenter8K
Alien - M-22 RemixSabrina Carpenter6K
Sue Me - KC Lights RemixSabrina Carpenter3.4K
Let Me Move YouSabrina Carpenter6.6K
Sue Me - Dave Aude RemixSabrina Carpenter4.6K
Sue Me - 6am RemixSabrina Carpenter3.3K
Sue Me - Marian Hill RemixSabrina Carpenter3.4K
Alien - Dark Heart RemixSabrina Carpenter4.2K
Let Me Move You (From the Netflix film Work It)Sabrina Carpenter9.8K
Let Me Move You (From The Netflix Film Work It)Sabrina Carpenter5.4K
SmileSabrina Carpenter4.1K
Nonsense (Sped Up Version)Sabrina Carpenter4.8K
Its Finally ChristmasSabrina Carpenter3.2K
Skinny Dipping (Acoustic)Sabrina Carpenter2.9K
Sue Me (A Cappella)Sabrina Carpenter2.7K
Tomorrow Starts Today (Andi Mack Theme Song)Sabrina Carpenter1.6K
WildsideSabrina Carpenter1.3K
Why (Acoustic)Sabrina Carpenter1.9K
WIFESabrina Carpenter5.7K
Wildside (From Adventures in Babysitting)Sabrina Carpenter1.2K
“Fast Times”Sabrina Carpenter686
Sabrina Carpenter - SkinSabrina Carpenter1.2K
Thumbs (Acoustic)Sabrina Carpenter1.4K
Alone TogetherSabrina Carpenter2.9K
Stand Out (From How to Build a Better Boy)Sabrina Carpenter1.5K
Im FineSabrina Carpenter1.3K
On Purpose - Live at Pandora Headquarters, Oakland February 2017Sabrina Carpenter1.3K
Almost Love (Stargate Warehouse Mix)Sabrina Carpenter603
CruiseSabrina Carpenter1.9K
Feels Like Loneliness - Live at Pandora Headquarters, Oakland February 2017Sabrina Carpenter1.2K
Almost Love (R3HAB Remix)Sabrina Carpenter774
need uSabrina Carpenter1.4K
Thumbs - Live at Pandora Headquarters, Oakland February 2017Sabrina Carpenter573
Sabrina Carpenter - because i liked a boySabrina Carpenter378
ASMRSabrina Carpenter229
Almost Love (Acoustic)Sabrina Carpenter719
Sabrina Carpenter - NonsenseSabrina Carpenter457
Alien (feat. Jonas Blue)Sabrina Carpenter2.3K
Sabrina Carpenter - Skinny DippingSabrina Carpenter325
Sabrina Carpenter - Sue MeSabrina Carpenter483
Skin (Quarterhead Remix)Sabrina Carpenter514
Sabrina Carpenter - ThumbsSabrina Carpenter350
because i liked a boySabrina Carpenter430
Paris - AcousticSabrina Carpenter257
Take On the World - From Girl Meets WorldSummer RemixMusic from the TV SeriesSabrina Carpenter562
Take On the WorldSabrina Carpenter2.1K
ThumbsSabrina Carpenter260
Stand OutSabrina Carpenter1.8K
Sue Me (Dave Aude Remix)Sabrina Carpenter464
good problem to haveSabrina Carpenter813
Sabrina Carpenter - “Fast Times”Sabrina Carpenter191
because i liked a boySabrina Carpenter169
Honeymoon Fades (Audio Only)Sabrina Carpenter308
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes So This Is LoveSabrina Carpenter420
“Vicious”Sabrina Carpenter261
Here Come The WolvesSabrina Carpenter1K
Looking at Me (Audio Only)Sabrina Carpenter395
NonsenseSabrina Carpenter134
introSabrina Carpenter1.3K
Alien (Acoustic)Sabrina Carpenter262
Fast TimesSabrina Carpenter306
Sue Me (KC Lights Remix)Sabrina Carpenter255
“Fast Times”Sabrina Carpenter119
Not Dead YetSabrina Carpenter801
ViciousSabrina Carpenter423
Fix Me UpSabrina Carpenter184
ParisSabrina Carpenter187
Exhale (Strings Version)Sabrina Carpenter441
Why (In Studio)Sabrina Carpenter163
Marilyn MonroeSabrina Carpenter568
Sabrina Carpenter - ASMRSabrina Carpenter175
Sue Me (Marian Hill Remix)Sabrina Carpenter184
On My WaySabrina Carpenter930
Sabrina Carpenter: Exhale (Strings Version)Sabrina Carpenter143
Sabrina Carpenter - SkinSabrina Carpenter130
space and dustSabrina Carpenter1.1K
Let Me Move You (From the Netflix film Work ItAudio Only)Sabrina Carpenter284
Sabrina Carpenter - ThumbsSabrina Carpenter153
Sabrina Carpenter - ParisSabrina Carpenter116
Hold Tight (part. Uhmeer)Sabrina Carpenter174
Sabrina Carpenter - Fast TimesSabrina Carpenter95
Sue Me (6am Remix)Sabrina Carpenter171
Radioactive Imagine Dragons CoverSabrina Carpenter58
Tomorrow Starts TodaySabrina Carpenter254
RadioactiveSabrina Carpenter167
Sabrina Carpenter - Almost LoveSabrina Carpenter97
Sabrina Carpenter - because i liked a boySabrina Carpenter149
Take On the World - Theme Song From Girl Meets WorldSabrina Carpenter85
Late Night Talking in the Live LoungeSabrina Carpenter54
before i had loveSabrina Carpenter541
emails i can’t sendSabrina Carpenter456
God Is a WomanSabrina Carpenter161
I Cant Stop Me (part. Saweetie)Sabrina Carpenter137
Almost LoveSabrina Carpenter140
In My BedSabrina Carpenter59
Alien (with Jonas Blue)Sabrina Carpenter435
Sabrina Carpenter - In My BedSabrina Carpenter56
Nonsense in the Live LoungeSabrina Carpenter47
Im FakinSabrina Carpenter309
Tornado WarningsSabrina Carpenter261
Alien (M-22 Remix)Sabrina Carpenter86
Sabrina Carpenter - “Vicious”Sabrina Carpenter70
I Cant Stop Me (Audio Only) ft. SaweetieSabrina Carpenter136
CloudsSabrina Carpenter75
Paris (DJ Antonio & DJ Renat Remix)Sabrina Carpenter109
Sabrina Carpenter - Nonsense (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2023)Sabrina Carpenter46
Who I amSabrina Carpenter51
April FoolSabrina Carpenter663
Sabrina Carpenter - WhySabrina Carpenter47
Sabrina Carpenter - Nonsense (Audio)Sabrina Carpenter189