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Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens
6454 songs
Merry Christmas EveryoneShakin' Stevens1.6M
Merry Christmas Everyone - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens170.5K
This Ole HouseShakin' Stevens124.7K
You Drive Me CrazyShakin' Stevens161.2K
Merry Christmas Everyone - RemasteredShakin' Stevens70.4K
Oh JulieShakin' Stevens83.5K
Blue ChristmasShakin' Stevens60.9K
Cry Just A Little BitShakin' Stevens99.2K
Merry Christmas Everyone - 2005 - RemasterShakin' Stevens34.3K
Green DoorShakin' Stevens42.8K
Give Me Your Heart TonightShakin' Stevens56.5K
Marie, MarieShakin' Stevens30.6K
Because I Love YouShakin' Stevens44.9K
ShirleyShakin' Stevens24.3K
TeardropsShakin' Stevens25.2K
A Love Worth Waiting ForShakin' Stevens26.2K
I Cry Just a Little BitShakin' Stevens24.5K
A Letter To YouShakin' Stevens17.4K
Its LateShakin' Stevens15K
A Rockin Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love)Shakin' Stevens12.2K
Merry Christmas Everyone - Single VersionShakin' Stevens10.6K
Its RainingShakin' Stevens12.7K
I MightShakin' Stevens12.3K
Oh Julie - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens10.8K
You Drive Me Crazy - Single Version - RemasteredShakin' Stevens10.3K
Lipstick, Powder And PaintShakin' Stevens9.7K
The Best Christmas Of Them AllShakin' Stevens9.7K
Breaking Up My HeartShakin' Stevens13.4K
Marie MarieShakin' Stevens13.2K
Hot DogShakin' Stevens10.5K
Rockin Little ChristmasShakin' Stevens7.6K
Ill Be SatisfiedShakin' Stevens8.2K
A Rockin Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love) Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens6.5K
Cry Just A Little Bit - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens12.1K
Sure Wont Seem Like ChristmasShakin' Stevens5.2K
Merry Christmas Everyone (Remastered Version)Shakin' Stevens5.2K
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me ForShakin' Stevens7.7K
Ill Be Home This ChristmasShakin' Stevens6.7K
Merry Christmas Everyone (Single Version - Re-mastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens5K
Turning AwayShakin' Stevens6.9K
This Old HouseShakin' Stevens5.8K
Love AttackShakin' Stevens7K
You Drive Me Crazy (Single Version) RemasteredShakin' Stevens5.8K
RadioShakin' Stevens4.6K
Marie, Marie - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens4.6K
Its Gonna Be A Lonely ChristmasShakin' Stevens4.4K
You Drive Me Crazy - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens5.2K
A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind)Shakin' Stevens3.6K
Sea Of LoveShakin' Stevens3.5K
Mona LisaShakin' Stevens4K
Merry Christmas Everyone - ExtendedShakin' Stevens2.8K
Feel The Need In MeShakin' Stevens3K
Green Door - Single VersionShakin' Stevens3.1K
White ChristmasShakin' Stevens3.1K
Yes I DoShakin' Stevens3.1K
Why Do You Treat Me This Way?Shakin' Stevens2.7K
This ole HouseShakin' Stevens2.9K
Tired Of Toein The LineShakin' Stevens3.6K
You Drive Me Crazy - Single VersionShakin' Stevens2.5K
Give Me Your Heart Tonight - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens4.1K
Christmas WishShakin' Stevens2.8K
JosephineShakin' Stevens2.6K
Merry Christmas EverybodyShakin' Stevens5K
Silent NightShakin' Stevens2.7K
So Long Baby GoodbyeShakin' Stevens3.8K
Merry Christmas Everyone (2005 - Remaster)Shakin' Stevens2.4K
Oh Julie (Single Version - Remastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens1.5K
This TimeShakin' Stevens2.4K
Baby If We TouchShakin' Stevens1.9K
Green Door - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens2.1K
Dont She Look GoodShakin' Stevens2.3K
Hello JosephineShakin' Stevens2.2K
Snow is fallingShakin' Stevens3.5K
A Rockin Good WayShakin' Stevens3.5K
You Drive Me Crazy - (Single Version)Shakin' Stevens1.7K
The Best Christmas Of Them All - Remastered VersionShakin' Stevens1.7K
This Ole House - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.6K
Merry Christmas Pretty BabyShakin' Stevens2K
How Many Tears Can You HideShakin' Stevens2.5K
Is A Bluebird Blue?Shakin' Stevens1.9K
A Rockin Good Way (To Mess Around Fall In Love)Shakin' Stevens1.8K
TroubleShakin' Stevens3K
Dont Tell Me Your TroublesShakin' Stevens2.5K
Teardrops - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.9K
Shotgun BoogieShakin' Stevens2K
Lipstick, Powder And Paint - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.4K
The Shape Im InShakin' Stevens2K
Shirley - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.8K
So Long ChristmasShakin' Stevens2K
I Guess I Was A FoolShakin' Stevens1.4K
Cry Just A Little Bit (Single Version - Remastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens1.4K
This Ole House - Single VersionShakin' Stevens1.6K
Que Sera, SeraShakin' Stevens1.7K
You Drive Me Crazy - 7 VersionShakin' Stevens2K
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.5K
Come See About MeShakin' Stevens1.5K
Green Door (Single Version - Re-mastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens1.4K
Do You Really Love Me TooShakin' Stevens1.2K
Ill Be Home This Christmas - Remastered VersionShakin' Stevens1.1K
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?Shakin' Stevens1.3K
Because I Love You - Single Version - RemasteredShakin' Stevens1.5K
Dont Tell Me Were ThroughShakin' Stevens1.4K
This Ole House (Single Version)Shakin' Stevens1.5K
A Letter To You - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.6K
Blue Christmas - Remastered VersionShakin' Stevens1.2K
Oh Julie - Remastered Single VersionShakin' Stevens1.2K
LovestruckShakin' Stevens1.4K
Im KnockinShakin' Stevens1.2K
Sexy WaysShakin' Stevens1.6K
Down in the HoleShakin' Stevens1.6K
Sure Wont Feel Like ChristmasShakin' Stevens1K
Merry Christmas Everyone (Single Version)Shakin' Stevens1.5K
Rockin The Night AwayShakin' Stevens2.1K
Rockin Little Christmas - Remastered VersionShakin' Stevens850
Bad ReputationShakin' Stevens2.1K
True LoveShakin' Stevens1.2K
Last man aliveShakin' Stevens1.8K
This Ole House (Single Version - Re-mastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens1.1K
Merry Christmas Pretty Baby (Remastered Version)Shakin' Stevens577
Got My Mind Set On YouShakin' Stevens2.3K
Now ListenShakin' Stevens2.6K
Without A LoveShakin' Stevens1.2K
Tear It UpShakin' Stevens1.6K
With My HeartShakin' Stevens1.4K
Blue Christmas (Remastered Version)Shakin' Stevens756
Hot Dog - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens953
Marie, Marie (Single Version - Re-mastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens976
Merry Christmas Everyone (Remastered)Shakin' Stevens2.1K
Dont Turn Your BackShakin' Stevens1.1K
Merry Xmas EveryoneShakin' Stevens3.6K
Treat Her RightShakin' Stevens1.1K
Pink ChampagneShakin' Stevens2.8K
NeverShakin' Stevens1.1K
A Little Boogie WoogieShakin' Stevens1.6K
You And I Were Meant To BeShakin' Stevens1.4K
Breaking Up My Heart - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens1.2K
I Need You NowShakin' Stevens1.1K
My Cutie CutieShakin' Stevens1.5K
Too Too MuchShakin' Stevens956
Im Knockin (7 Version)Shakin' Stevens465
Lipstick Powder And PaintShakin' Stevens1.7K
Lipstick, Powder & PaintShakin' Stevens1.4K
Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last NightShakin' Stevens967
Just One LookShakin' Stevens1.5K
Echoes of Merry Christmas EveryoneShakin' Stevens1.3K
Im Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A LetterShakin' Stevens1.7K
Revenue ManShakin' Stevens1.2K
Shooting GalleryShakin' Stevens1.4K
A Love Worth Waiting For - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens816
Its Late - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens756
Turning Away - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens816
Dont Bug Me BabyShakin' Stevens875
Oh Julie (7 Version)Shakin' Stevens550
Ill Give You My HeartShakin' Stevens1.2K
It All Comes RoundShakin' Stevens590
Tell Me One More TimeShakin' Stevens998
Make It Right TonightShakin' Stevens928
Give Me Your Heart Tonight (Single Version - Remastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens1.5K
JustineShakin' Stevens918
Jungle RockShakin' Stevens1.2K
Oh Julie - 7 VersionShakin' Stevens889
Slippin And SlidinShakin' Stevens1.2K
SpookyShakin' Stevens855
VanessaShakin' Stevens1.1K
JezebelShakin' Stevens1.1K
This Ole House - Single Version (Remastered)Shakin' Stevens739
Its Raining - Single Version - Remastered 2004Shakin' Stevens710
Let Me Show You HowShakin' Stevens874
Diddle IShakin' Stevens1.1K
Hey MaeShakin' Stevens992
You Shake Me UpShakin' Stevens1.3K
Rock n Roll Hitmix 99Shakin' Stevens860
SapphireShakin' Stevens794
Woman (What Have You Done To Me)Shakin' Stevens1.1K
Merry ChristmasShakin' Stevens2.1K
If I Really KnewShakin' Stevens828
Rock n roll hitmix ยด99Shakin' Stevens1.2K
You Drive Me Crazy (Single Version - Remastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens532
Lonely Blue BoyShakin' Stevens707
Echoes of Our TimesShakin' Stevens686
Sweet Little SixteenShakin' Stevens888
Merry Christmas EveryoneShakin' Stevens517
A Love Worth Waiting For (Single Version - Remastered 2004)Shakin' Stevens973
Ill Be Home This Christmas (Remastered Version)Shakin' Stevens685
Shame, Shame, ShameShakin' Stevens566
Story Of The RockersShakin' Stevens687
Silver WingsShakin' Stevens861
Sure Wont Feel Like Christmas - Remastered VersionShakin' Stevens456
Ready TeddyShakin' Stevens819
Baby Youre A ChildShakin' Stevens759
If I Cant Have YouShakin' Stevens730
Endless SleepShakin' Stevens773
MoveShakin' Stevens986
Behind Those Secrets and LiesShakin' Stevens759
A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind) Single Version - Re-mastered 2004Shakin' Stevens569
Because I Love You (Single Version) RemasteredShakin' Stevens927
Somewhere In The NightShakin' Stevens1.1K
I Can HelpShakin' Stevens1.1K
Love Me TonightShakin' Stevens991
(Yeah) Youre EvilShakin' Stevens717