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The Weeknd

The Weeknd
50891 songs
Live ForThe Weeknd938.1K
OutsideThe Weeknd1.1M
WanderlustThe Weeknd1.5M
InitiationThe Weeknd1.1M
NextThe Weeknd1M
GoneThe Weeknd892.3K
Belong to the WorldThe Weeknd1.2M
Echoes of SilenceThe Weeknd1.1M
The TownThe Weeknd1.1M
AdaptationThe Weeknd1.3M
Final Lullaby - Bonus TrackThe Weeknd977.5K
Heaven or Las VegasThe Weeknd790.9K
The FallThe Weeknd920.3K
PrettyThe Weeknd1M
Often - Kygo RemixThe Weeknd748.6K
Same Old SongThe Weeknd898.8K
The Birds Part 1The Weeknd929.9K
Tears in the RainThe Weeknd1.1M
The Morning - OriginalThe Weeknd789.8K
King Of The FallThe Weeknd1.2M
Wicked Games - OriginalThe Weeknd735.8K
Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)The Weeknd839.6K
The Birds Part 2The Weeknd646K
House Of Balloons Glass Table Girls - OriginalThe Weeknd804.4K
What You Need - OriginalThe Weeknd730.5K
Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)The Weeknd445.9K
High For This - OriginalThe Weeknd545.8K
Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)The Weeknd1.1M
Blinding Lights (with ROSALIA) RemixThe Weeknd483.8K
Call Out My Name - A CappellaThe Weeknd406.4K
Best Friends - RemixThe Weeknd392.4K
The Hills - RemixThe Weeknd476.7K
Reminder - RemixThe Weeknd347.8K
The Birds Pt. 1The Weeknd649.5K
The Party & The After Party - OriginalThe Weeknd485K
I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)The Weeknd673.3K
Die For You (with Ariana Grande) RemixThe Weeknd164.2K
Coming Down - OriginalThe Weeknd507.3K
Out of Time - KAYTRANADA RemixThe Weeknd218.7K
The Birds Pt. 2The Weeknd488.8K
Loft Music - OriginalThe Weeknd358.1K
Starboy - Kygo RemixThe Weeknd218.8K
Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) From The Fifty Shades Of Grey SoundtrackThe Weeknd263.7K
The Knowing - OriginalThe Weeknd345.7K
In Your Eyes (feat. Kenny G) RemixThe Weeknd229.3K
Cant Feel My Face - Martin Garrix RemixThe Weeknd166.2K
Sacrifice (Remix) (feat. Swedish House Mafia)The Weeknd254.9K
Stargirl Interlude (feat. Lana Del Rey)The Weeknd462.3K
Prisoner (feat. Lana Del Rey)The Weeknd316.5K
Earned ItThe Weeknd367.6K
Wicked Games (Explicit)The Weeknd108.8K
Heartless - Vapor Wave RemixThe Weeknd164K
Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar)The Weeknd286.3K
Blinding Lights - Chromatics RemixThe Weeknd176.2K
Wicked Games - ExplicitThe Weeknd152.8K
Losers (feat. Labrinth)The Weeknd247.9K
After Hours - The Blaze RemixThe Weeknd149.6K
Starry Eyes - MIKE DEAN RemixThe Weeknd110.9K
Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran)The Weeknd221.4K
Save Your Tears - OPN RemixThe Weeknd114.5K
The Zone (feat. Drake)The Weeknd250K
Dawn FM - OPN RemixThe Weeknd73.3K
Heartless - RemixThe Weeknd206.1K
How Do I Make You Love Me? - Sebastian Ingrosso & Salvatore Ganacci RemixThe Weeknd83.2K
Live For (feat. Drake)The Weeknd224.6K
All I Know (feat. Future)The Weeknd162.6K
Where You Belong - From Fifty Shades Of Grey SoundtrackThe Weeknd152.9K
Take My Breath - Extended VersionThe Weeknd175.3K
Is There Someone Else? - LiveThe Weeknd63.3K
Scared To Live - SNL LiveThe Weeknd108.4K
Where You Belong - From The Fifty Shades of Grey SoundtrackThe Weeknd80.4K
Devil May Cry - From “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” SoundtrackThe Weeknd138.8K
Wanderlust (Pharrell remix)The Weeknd168K
The Hills - RL Grime RemixThe Weeknd97.1K
Lonely Star - OriginalThe Weeknd148.5K
Alone Again - LiveThe Weeknd56.8K
The Birds Pt. 1 - OriginalThe Weeknd158.5K
Montreal - OriginalThe Weeknd175K
The Zone - OriginalThe Weeknd140.5K
Life Of The Party - OriginalThe Weeknd139.7K
Blinding Lights - Major Lazer RemixThe Weeknd67K
Wanderlust - Pharrell RemixThe Weeknd108.4K
Thursday - OriginalThe Weeknd112.1K
Same Old Song (feat. Juicy J)The Weeknd127K
Devil May CryThe Weeknd134K
D.D. - OriginalThe Weeknd110.6K
Gasoline - LiveThe Weeknd56.2K
The Birds Pt. 2 - OriginalThe Weeknd125.3K
Often (Kygo Remix)The Weeknd136.1K
The Hills - LiveThe Weeknd60.3K
Intro - LiveThe Weeknd41.8K
Heaven Or Las Vegas - OriginalThe Weeknd92.3K
Take My Breath (Remix) (feat. Agents of Time)The Weeknd62.6K
Rolling Stone - OriginalThe Weeknd106.6K
Sacrifice - LiveThe Weeknd53.3K
Hurricane - LiveThe Weeknd57.2K
Starboy ft. Daft PunkThe Weeknd97.4K
XO The Host - OriginalThe Weeknd125.1K
Often - LiveThe Weeknd71.6K
Starboy - LiveThe Weeknd53.9K