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Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly
3211 songs
Paper HeartsTori Kelly849.7K
I Was Made For Loving YouTori Kelly552K
Dear No OneTori Kelly681.9K
HollowTori Kelly383.7K
Nobody LoveTori Kelly359.2K
Should’ve Been UsTori Kelly328.7K
All In My HeadTori Kelly251K
Let It Snow (with Babyface)Tori Kelly63.5K
Dont You Worry Bout A ThingTori Kelly200.8K
HallelujahTori Kelly132.9K
Unbreakable SmileTori Kelly127K
Colors Of The Wind - From PocahontasTori Kelly86.3K
I Say A Little Prayer (with Pharrell Williams)Tori Kelly111.3K
CoffeeTori Kelly93.2K
Should’ve Been Us - Lost Kings RemixTori Kelly51.3K
First HeartbreakTori Kelly88.3K
Sorry Would Go A Long WayTori Kelly70.9K
Funny - LiveTori Kelly55.5K
Missin UTori Kelly50.3K
ExpensiveTori Kelly61.7K
Hallelujah - From Sing Original Motion Picture SoundtrackTori Kelly46.3K
CelestialTori Kelly53.4K
Angels We Have Heard On High - Recorded At Electric Lady Studios NYCTori Kelly24.4K
Sleigh RideTori Kelly29.2K
2 PlacesTori Kelly55.1K
City DoveTori Kelly67K
Change Your MindTori Kelly73K
Never AloneTori Kelly60.7K
Art Of Letting You GoTori Kelly59K
Dont You Worry Bout A Thing - From Sing Original Motion Picture SoundtrackTori Kelly53K
RocketTori Kelly58K
DaydreamTori Kelly56.2K
AnywayTori Kelly52.2K
TalkTori Kelly49.8K
Falling SlowTori Kelly52.9K
TreasureTori Kelly57.7K
Where I Belong - IntroTori Kelly35K
StainedTori Kelly48.6K
Confetti (Remastered)Tori Kelly47K
Lets Go Crazy (with Taron Egerton, Reese Witherspoon, Nick Kroll)Tori Kelly41.4K
25thTori Kelly31.8K
Something BeautifulTori Kelly38.5K
Christmas Time Is HereTori Kelly19K
UnbotheredTori Kelly46.6K
Where the Streets Have No Name (with Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Nick Kroll)Tori Kelly32K
Help Us To LoveTori Kelly35.9K
EyelashesTori Kelly42.1K
Let It SnowTori Kelly17K
Time FliesTori Kelly47.4K
Dont You Worry Bout A Thing - Acoustic Version From Sing Original Motion Picture SoundtrackTori Kelly25.6K
LanguageTori Kelly48.9K
ValueTori Kelly57.4K
California LoversTori Kelly27.5K
Psalm 42Tori Kelly41.5K
Shouldve Been UsTori Kelly58.6K
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural WomanTori Kelly19.8K
ConfettiTori Kelly30.1K
Upside DownTori Kelly27.6K
MasterpieceTori Kelly33.2K
I Was Made for Loving You (feat. Ed Sheeran)Tori Kelly37.5K
SundayTori Kelly25.2K
Dont Take Me HomeTori Kelly47.5K
Waving Through A Window (Tori Kelly Version) From The “Dear Evan Hansen” Original Motion Picture SoundtrackTori Kelly16.8K
Just As SureTori Kelly22.3K
Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well)Tori Kelly28.5K
ActressTori Kelly32.3K
GladTori Kelly30.6K
Where I BelongTori Kelly21.5K
Kid I Used To KnowTori Kelly28.4K
This ChristmasTori Kelly13.3K
QuestionsTori Kelly21.3K
Silent nightTori Kelly12.3K
Pretty FadesTori Kelly22.2K
Before The DawnTori Kelly25.7K
Until I Think Of YouTori Kelly24.4K
Your WordsTori Kelly23.7K
Expensive (feat. Daye Jack)Tori Kelly28.6K
Beautiful Things - Bonus TrackTori Kelly18.2K
The LieTori Kelly19.5K
North Star (Single From “Music From Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas”)Tori Kelly5.4K
Bring Me HomeTori Kelly15.2K
321991Tori Kelly17K
8281997Tori Kelly12.4K
Gift That Keeps On GivingTori Kelly12.6K
Joy To The World Joyful, JoyfulTori Kelly14.4K
Funny (Live)Tori Kelly20.7K
Dear No One - Bonus TrackTori Kelly16.8K
Minute To MyselfTori Kelly15.1K
Elf InterludeTori Kelly10.8K
3261994Tori Kelly9.3K
O Holy NightTori Kelly11K
O Come, O Come Emmanuel O Come All Ye FaithfulTori Kelly8.1K
Mr. Music (Full)Tori Kelly7.3K
Until ForeverTori Kelly18.1K
California Lovers (feat. LL Cool J)Tori Kelly13.6K
Go Tell It On The MountainTori Kelly7.8K
Kid Again on ChristmasTori Kelly4.4K
Dear No One (Bonus Track)Tori Kelly14.3K
Colors Of The WindTori Kelly7.4K
Should’ve Been Us - Panic City RemixTori Kelly5.1K
Beautiful Things (Bonus Track)Tori Kelly10.4K
Colors Of The Wind (From Pocahontas)Tori Kelly8.2K
Mr. Music (Acapella)Tori Kelly3.1K
Shouldve Been Us (Lost Kings Remix)Tori Kelly5K
I Say A Little PrayerTori Kelly4.9K
Where I Belong (Intro)Tori Kelly6.1K
What Happens Next - From The Original Television Soundtrack Blade Runner Black LotusTori Kelly6.8K
What Happens NextTori Kelly3.4K
Hollow (Feat. Big Sean)Tori Kelly6.8K
SilentTori Kelly9.1K
All I Want For Christmas is YouTori Kelly3.6K
Hallelujah (From Sing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Tori Kelly4.6K
Beautiful ThingsTori Kelly7K
Should’ve Been Us - RemixTori Kelly3.7K
Mr. Music (Instrumental)Tori Kelly1.8K
Expensive (Two Friends Remix)Tori Kelly2.7K
Never Alone (feat. Kirk Franklin)Tori Kelly8.7K
All In My Head (Live Acoustic)Tori Kelly3.8K
FunnyTori Kelly4K
Colors Of The Wind - Aus PocahontasTori Kelly1.8K
Help Us To Love (feat. The HamilTones)Tori Kelly3.8K
Suit & Tie (Acoustic Cover)Tori Kelly2.1K
Bottled UpTori Kelly5.7K
Should’ve Been Us - Lincoln Jesser RemixTori Kelly1.8K
Masterpiece (feat. Lecrae)Tori Kelly2.9K
Should’ve Been Us (feat. Jeremih)Tori Kelly2.9K
PersonalTori Kelly5.4K
Lets Go CrazyTori Kelly2.2K
Where the Streets Have No NameTori Kelly1.9K
Dont You Worry Bout A Thing (Acoustic Version From Sing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Tori Kelly2K
Thinking About You (Cover)Tori Kelly910
Where the Streets Have No Name (with Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Nick KrolTori Kelly2K
Just As Sure (feat. Jonathan McReynolds)Tori Kelly1.9K
Should’ve Been Us - DubVision RemixTori Kelly1.1K
Should’ve Been Us - Aylen RemixTori Kelly1K
California Lovers (feat. LL CoTori Kelly1.7K
Fill a HeartTori Kelly2.6K
12161992Tori Kelly1.2K
All In My Head (Acoustic)Tori Kelly1.1K
I Was Made For Loving You ft. Ed SheeranTori Kelly1.7K
Dont You Worry bout A Thing (Acoustic Version)Tori Kelly1.1K
Fill a Heart (Child Hunger Ends Here)Tori Kelly2.5K
ShouldaE™ve Been UsTori Kelly1.3K
Should’ve Been Us (Lost Kings Remix)Tori Kelly726
Paper Hearts Remix Prod. By Maxie READ DESCRIPTIONTori Kelly311
Suit & TieTori Kelly1.2K
Paper Hearts (JK of BTS Ver.) COVERTori Kelly1.8K
North StarTori Kelly435
Mr. MusicTori Kelly1.7K
Suit & Tie (cover)Tori Kelly645
Thinking About YouTori Kelly1.4K
Waving Through A Window (From The “Dear Evan Hansen” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Tori Kelly593
Paper Hearts cover (JK of BTS Ver.)Tori Kelly661
Thinkin Bout YouTori Kelly506
I Was Made For Loving You Ft. Ed SheeranTori Kelly293
PYT by Michael Jackson (Acoustic Cover)Tori Kelly1.1K
FunnyTori Kelly557
American Idol Season 9 AuditionsTori Kelly186
I Was Made For Loving You (ft. Ed Sheeran)Tori Kelly288
Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake)Tori Kelly124
Never Alone ft. Kirk FranklinTori Kelly179
Colors Of The Wind (From Pocohontas)Tori Kelly620
Thinkin Bout You (AcousticBeatbox Cover)Tori Kelly492
Hollow (Feat. Big Sean) (DJ Mustard Remix)Tori Kelly257
I Was Made For Loving YouTori Kelly207
Waving Through A WindowTori Kelly562
Souls Anthem (It Is Well)Tori Kelly642
Thinking Out Loud (Cover)Tori Kelly255
Hallelujah (From Sing)Tori Kelly166
Shouldve Been Us (feat. Jeremih)Tori Kelly402
Hollow (Jack Novak Remix)Tori Kelly359
PYT (live acoustic cover)Tori Kelly134
Don’t You Worry ’Bout a ThingTori Kelly281
Dear No One (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)Tori Kelly289
Hollow (Top Of The Tower)Tori Kelly1.9K
CrazyTori Kelly512
Thinking About You (Tori Kelly and Angie Girl Cover)Tori Kelly309
Nobody Love (Remix) Feat. FLOTori Kelly98
RoadTori Kelly505
What Happens Next (From The Original Television Soundtrack Blade Runner Black Lotus)Tori Kelly227
First Heartbreak (Top Of TheTower)Tori Kelly158
I Was Made For Loving You (feat.Ed Sheeran)Tori Kelly492
Paper Hearts (JK of BTS Ver.) COVER BY ARRONTori Kelly414
ExpensiveTori Kelly157
Suit & Tie (JT Cover)Tori Kelly97
Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas)Tori Kelly628
Tori Kelly - Dear No OneTori Kelly233
Colors of the Wind (Aus Pocahontas)Tori Kelly132
Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake cover)Tori Kelly83
Angels We Have Heard On High (Recorded At Electric Lady Studios NYC)Tori Kelly77
WingsTori Kelly385
Tori Kelly - All In My HeadTori Kelly212
Shouldve Been Us (Live MTV VMA 2015)Tori Kelly79
Hallelujah (Зверопой \ Путь к славеTori Kelly80
You Caught MeTori Kelly342
Nobody Love (Muzzaik Remix)Tori Kelly135
Shouldve Been Us (Lost Kings Remix)Tori Kelly69
SilentTori Kelly95
Paper Hearts Remix Prod. By MaxieTori Kelly55