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Victory Worship

Victory Worship
533 songs
SafeVictory Worship15.6K
TribesVictory Worship14.9K
Lilim (In Your Shelter)Victory Worship11.4K
Radical LoveVictory Worship5.7K
Beautiful LoveVictory Worship5.2K
Grace Changes EverythingVictory Worship3.6K
All I DesireVictory Worship3.2K
In Your NameVictory Worship2.8K
Lilim (In Your Shelter) LiveVictory Worship3.8K
We Will GoVictory Worship1.3K
Awit Ng BayanVictory Worship1.8K
Anchor of Our HeartsVictory Worship1.3K
For Your PurposeVictory Worship2.3K
A Thousand HallelujahsVictory Worship2.5K
Lost Without YouVictory Worship2.2K
Lord Of AllVictory Worship1.8K
Blessing & HonorVictory Worship2.2K
Many Waters (Reprise)Victory Worship7.6K
Dance in FreedomVictory Worship1.5K
Reign ForeverVictory Worship1.6K
When I Say Your Name - LiveVictory Worship2.1K
Beauty for AshesVictory Worship1.2K
Your Love Is GreaterVictory Worship1.7K
LigtasVictory Worship1.1K
Great GodVictory Worship1.3K
You Have My YesVictory Worship411
Jesus My SaviorVictory Worship1.7K
Make Room (Unplugged)Victory Worship1.3K
MaghariVictory Worship1.5K
Unforgettable Love - LiveVictory Worship957
FaithfulVictory Worship1.3K
At All TimesVictory Worship1.1K
Golden StreetsVictory Worship1.5K
Dakilang Pag-IbigVictory Worship896
Unchanging GodVictory Worship1.4K
HighestVictory Worship1.8K
Hope Will RiseVictory Worship1.4K
Lay It DownVictory Worship1.1K
Malaya NaVictory Worship833
OverflowVictory Worship1.4K
Hope Has ComeVictory Worship1K
TagumpayVictory Worship1.2K
Nothing Can Separate MeVictory Worship868
Pour Us OutVictory Worship1.2K
Walang KatuladVictory Worship819
This Is WhyVictory Worship1.4K
We ReceiveVictory Worship842
PagbabalikVictory Worship1.3K
Every HeartVictory Worship1K
Everlasting GloryVictory Worship789
Rise HeartVictory Worship978
Here with MeVictory Worship963
My GodVictory Worship693
The BenedictionVictory Worship484
Pag-Ibig Na Kay GandaVictory Worship560
Ruler of NationsVictory Worship646
Forever FoundVictory Worship1.2K
Capture MeVictory Worship689
Call to WorshipVictory Worship418
I AdoreVictory Worship954
Kataas-TaasanVictory Worship652
All Im AfterVictory Worship462
Dakilang DiyosVictory Worship441
So Close - LiveVictory Worship1K
You Are With Me - LiveVictory Worship990
Praises Be Sung (Hosanna)Victory Worship1.1K
Hands to the SkyVictory Worship413
Perfect MysteryVictory Worship366
Sow in Tears (Psalm 126) LiveVictory Worship993
Forever BeVictory Worship645
He Who LovedVictory Worship702
You Last ForeverVictory Worship565
A Little Fire (Burn Brighter) LiveVictory Worship732
Paghilom - Healing (Studio)Victory Worship558
Many WatersVictory Worship841
Ang Kalooban MoVictory Worship445
Yahweh - LiveVictory Worship978
Remain - LiveVictory Worship244
Nothing but the BloodVictory Worship393
Call to the NationsVictory Worship253
Tahan Na - LiveVictory Worship573
di MagbabagoVictory Worship365
Praise to the Lord AlmightyVictory Worship339
Shine Upon the PhilippinesVictory Worship274
Pupurihin KaVictory Worship294
John 1Victory Worship256
For Your Purpose (Unplugged)Victory Worship399
This is Your Church - LiveVictory Worship418
Awit Ng Bayan - LiveVictory Worship314
Hallelujah (It Is Well) SpontaneousVictory Worship709
Surrounded (Fight My Battles)Victory Worship215
Sandigan (voice memo)Victory Worship452
Forever Found (Unplugged)Victory Worship334
When I Speak Your NameVictory Worship274
Hark! The Herald Angels SingVictory Worship159
So Close - StudioVictory Worship349
Glory To The King (voice memo)Victory Worship253
Paghilom - Healing (Live)Victory Worship250
Psalm 139 (No Escaping Your Love) LiveVictory Worship200
Everlasting Glory (Unplugged)Victory Worship207
God Is GoodVictory Worship185
Lilim (Live) InstrumentalVictory Worship155
Overflow (Reprise)Victory Worship157
GloriaVictory Worship282
Hark! Our King Has ComeVictory Worship291
Joy To The WorldVictory Worship319
Yahweh - StudioVictory Worship160
LiftedVictory Worship90
By Faith - LiveVictory Worship167
Intro: ShelterVictory Worship127
Malaya Na - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship93
Lost Without You (feat. Lee Brown)Victory Worship150
O Holy NightVictory Worship182
You Have Won (Studio Single)Victory Worship71
Just As I Am - LiveVictory Worship74
Pupurihin Ka - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship57
Dakilang Pag-Ibig - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship50
My God (feat. Joseph Ramos)Victory Worship191
All I Wanna Do - LiveVictory Worship70
Pag-Ibig Na Kay Ganda - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship47
Word of God SpeakVictory Worship27
Lilim (Studio) InstrumentalVictory Worship179
Ligtas - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship43
Reign Forever (feat. Cathy Go)Victory Worship317
Pour Us out (feat. Cathy Go)Victory Worship217
Safe (feat. Isa Fabregas)Victory Worship78
Watch Over MeVictory Worship59
We Will Seek YouVictory Worship48
Kataas-Taasan - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship43
Walang Katulad - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship42
Everlasting Glory (feat. Joseph Ramos)Victory Worship357
Blessing & Honor (feat. Lee Brown)Victory Worship200
You Are With Me - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship45
Rise Heart (feat. Isa Fabregas)Victory Worship211
Lay It Down (feat. Isa Fabregas)Victory Worship160
Dance in Freedom (feat. Victor Asuncion)Victory Worship125
Jesus Is In The Room - LiveVictory Worship88
When I Say Your Name - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship42
Radical Love (feat. Cathy Go)Victory Worship39
Ruler of Nations (feat. Cathy Go)Victory Worship224
Just Say The Word - LiveVictory Worship83
Surrender (feat. Timmy Arisa)Victory Worship53
Way Maker (Live)Victory Worship37
Still on the ThroneVictory Worship42
So Close - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship22
Many Waters (feat. Lee Brown)Victory Worship98
A Little Fire - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship31
Dakilang Diyos - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship31
New CreationVictory Worship31
Forever Be (feat. Isa Fabregas)Victory Worship115
Thank God Im Not Alone - LiveVictory Worship64
Lilim (In Your Shelter)Victory Worship45
Yahweh - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship37
di Magbabago - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship24
Sow in Tears (Psalm 126) Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship18
Solid Ground - LiveVictory Worship43
Send RevivalVictory Worship30
Ang Kalooban Mo - Instrumental VersionVictory Worship27
Shadows in the LightVictory Worship21
Even in This - LiveVictory Worship60
Grace Changes Everything (feat. Lee Simon Brown)Victory Worship32
IntroduccionVictory Worship23
All I Wanna DoVictory Worship18
Isnt He Faithful - LiveVictory Worship72
Home (Where I Belong) LiveVictory Worship28
Anchor of Our Hearts - InstrumentalVictory Worship26
LilimVictory Worship27
Gloria - InstrumentalVictory Worship12
Step In (Amazing Things)Victory Worship14
Sandigan (voice memo) (Instrumental)Victory Worship135
Never Failed - LiveVictory Worship103
I Wanna Know Jesus - LiveVictory Worship97
No Need to Fear - LiveVictory Worship73
Call to the Nations (feat. Lee Brown)Victory Worship63
Many Waters RepriseVictory Worship42
Song My Soul Sings - LiveVictory Worship28
Tahan Na - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship17
Step In (Acoustic)Victory Worship13
Come Dwell - LiveVictory Worship57
In Your Name (feat. Isa Fabregas)Victory Worship39
Jesus My Savior (feat. Isa Fabregas)Victory Worship43
Paghilom - Healing (Studio) InstrumentalVictory Worship27
So Close - InstrumentalVictory Worship20
Victory Worship - Lilim (Victory Worship21
Paghilom - Healing (Live) InstrumentalVictory Worship19
Great God (feat. Jam Capistrano)Victory Worship21
Awit Ng Bayan (Live)Victory Worship17
Victory Worship - SafeVictory Worship13
When I Speak Your Name (Revamp)Victory Worship11
When I Speak Your NameStill On The Throne - LiveVictory Worship39
Praise to the Lord Almighty (feat. Lee Brown & Cathy Go)Victory Worship48
Lord Of All (feat. Teri Sambajon-Ho)Victory Worship24
Rekindle - LiveVictory Worship17
This is Your Church - Live, InstrumentalVictory Worship13
Your Love is Greater (feat. Lee Simon Brown)Victory Worship16
Victory Worship - TribesVictory Worship11
Yahweh - InstrumentalVictory Worship10
Even In ThisVictory Worship9
Joy To The World - InstrumentalVictory Worship9
Burn for YouVictory Worship9